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Upgrading MoonGate servers

We are pleased to announce that in the near future we are planning to implement the latest version of Windows Server 2019 on all MoonGate servers, replacing previous versions of Windows Server 2016. 

Today, we have taken the above step in this direction by implementing coding all owned servers (UO, WoW and LOA) and within Win Serv 2016 itself, support for the latest versions of .NET Framework 4.7.2 libraries – in place of previous versions 4.6.2 – and in the case of UO server – instead of version .Net 4.0 having almost a decade (on which the Ultima world has worked so far).

The next two weeks will be a period of testing during which we will make sure that the transition to the new .NET version, which is a component of the Win Serv 2019 will not cause any problems in the functioning of our worlds, and thus that the planned upgrade of the operating system, not poses a threat to the stability of their functioning. 

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