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Update package (17.04.2019) and Astronomy System – update

Another update package becomes a fact. It includes many interesting and often expected changes as well as a number of improvements to the currently functioning coding of the game server. I encourage you to read the list of changes below – because it is really worth it.

In addition, we would like to inform you that in the coming days, the UO shard donation system will be remodeled. When creating a new list of prizes, you took into account your suggestions  – and the effect of work done in this area by Shiryu, we will make it available to you soon.

Todays updates:

– Astronomy System was implemented – link
– added Ritual Quest line
– the system responsible for the operation of trapped crate boxes has been remodeled

Pub 103 additions:
– Krampus Encounter, set on Seasonal Event System was completely added and ten events are activated from tomorrow – for a period of 90 days – link;
– added Last Parry Chance property to weapons/shields;
– Splintering Weapon no longer triggers when disarm, infectious strike or injected strike are active;
– Splintering Weapon Bleed effect now has a 16 second cool down;
– Discord now works in PVP. It only effects modded skills via items and lasts 4-6 seconds base on active mastery;
– Fish Pies no longer soak pvp damage;

– The Harbormaster got a context menu now (Abandon Ship , Ship Recall Rune);
– added new player command [bountyprops – no you can check target player bounty status;
– fixed an issue where certain addons were not being created properly in world decorate;
– Aegis of Grace (circlet version) is now meddable;
– Flesh Ripper now has Mage Slayer, per EA;
– sand is now stackable;
– City Trade Deals that increase stats now work properly;
– createing characters in Enhanced Client now gives the proper starting stats and skills;
– removed invalid code from Garamon;
– fixed error when calculating Min Tame Chance when skill was set to zero;
– Tiger Cub now takes damage from their Master;
– Tiger Cub Statuette can now only be used once;
– Tiger Cubs can now be trained up to 3 slots;
– added Eowmu to pet training table. It will be like all other vanity pets.
– remove trap now has a skill variance of 10 (used to be 30) for skill gains, per EA;
– adds the correct colors to the treasure of doom, kotl, and sorcerer’s dungeon items;
– add Shadow Furniture Set – link
– add Crystal Furniture Set – link
– Treasures of Kotl City fixes (Kotl Battle Simulator not resetting);
– fixed crash with Rummage;
– update for Enhanced Client vendor Search Gump;
– updates the Citadel mobs according to UO. Only the three bosses should drop the keys, not the minions;
– Executioners Caps should be stackable;
– removes the ability to dye Hooded Shroud of Shadows and Monk Robes;
– add UOStore Decorative Kitchen Set;
– fix an overlooked legacy performance issue with movement path checking;
– bugs revealed in the coding of some items in the game have been removed;
– fixed issue where stone ankh could not be removed by player who placed it;
– added int32 arg to various item constructors for amount;
– fixed issue where stat mods were not applying for city buffs;
– Bloodworm anemia now gives the proper debuff;
– pets should no longer reveal their master;
– add Focus property;
– Vendor Search fix;
– GemOfSalvation fix;
– Stat Reward fix;
– SilverSapling fix;

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