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Server Hotfix – 26.04.2019

Today an urgent hotfix has been implemented on the server introducing additional corrections, supplementing the update package of 23/04/2019. List of corrections:

  • All players can earn one ethereal horse statue per day from logging in during the weekend (April 26- April 28)
  • Players are now lootable immediately upon death
  • Player corpses no longer disappear on logout before release
  • Regular horses can now be dismissed to stable
  • Players are no longer dismounted for the following actions:
    • Manifestation Spell: Portal
    • Manifestation Spell: Mark
    • Manifestation Spell: Etherealize
    • Manifestation Spell: Ward Evil
    • Activating Hearthstone
    • Activating Escape Scroll
    • When using the Atlas
  • Increase activation time on hearthstone and escape scrolls to match portal spell.
  • Stuns/Disables now much slower snare, casting movement speed unchanged
  • Blocking with shields is fixed
  • Empty corpses will turn into a skeleton on death.
  • Fixed individuals that are dead, but not released can teleport through doors in dungeons.
  • Ethereal horses are now slightly less transparent
  • Etherealize Potion added (Difficulty: 90 – 100)
  • Potion of Mending added removing bleed and mortal strike (Difficulty: 75 – 100)
  • Cure Potion now requires 0 – 25 skill.
  • Increased Crafting Order rewards drop rates
  • Ether now requires 5 essence to create instead of 10.

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