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Update package (20.05.2019)

We are pleased to announce that today – 20.05.2019 – between 9:00 and 9:15 – there will be a technical break in the functioning of UO MoonGate shard to implement the patch packet for server scripting.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused. 

Below we publish a list of patches and updates:

– pet control chance fix per EA, control tame requirement as follows: 1st train of any level, requirement increases by 21. Subsequent level changes increase requirement by 22. Subsequent training increases requirement by 3 (2 for subsequent trains, per level);
– pet training option now appears, even if the player will not be able to control the creature. It will simply fail and give a message when they commit to train, per EA;
– pet training gumps/system was updated for enable add skill of “Animal Taming” by accessories when training pet;
– added IResource interface to Ingots and Boards/Logs;
– add Gypsy Wagon Lamp;
– fixed Mana Leech Formula, per EA;
– rowboats can now be placed when another ship is in the world;
– rowboat display issue fixed when moving;
– fixed shadowguard exploit when party is disbanded inside the roof encoutner;
– shadowguard now uses region mobiles for tasks such as messaging, death checks, credit, etc as opposed to a party check in the event party disbands;
– fixed issue where void pool cretaures were leaking to internal map;
– enchanted apple now removes Mortal Wound;
– fixed crash anomaly in Wildfire;
– cast times update, this is per EA (except recall). Times were off by 1 spell circle for magery and mysticism. Most necro spells were off by .25 seconds. All verified on EA;
– adjusted spell cast times to add a very slight variance that appears in EA delays;
– Shame Altar Boss summon now consumes shame crystals;
– Corrosive Ash now consumes the proper resources;
– added missing banners to banner deed;
– fixed Huntmaster trophy names;
– Huntmaster trophies (ones that are only 1 piece) no longer come in deed form, per EA. Any and all deeds will be converted to the Trophy;
– added durability to Virute Shield;
– Paroxysmus Swampy now has proper name;
– removed conflict from Merchange Escortable;
– gaining city loyalty no longer gains hate/neutrality in other Cities;
– added direct damage to Word of Death while inside the damage threshold;
– fixed the wrong skill amounts for logs;
– gold dupe exploit fix.

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