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Server OS upgrade and game version migration

We are pleased to announce that today the WOW server (currently operating on the Cataclysm add-in) has been fully migrated from the current Windows Server 2016 operating system to Windows Server 2019. Migration – completes the unification of back-up systems on all MoonGate gaming servers, while ensuring us stable operation of all virtual worlds.
I can also revoke the secret, about the planned for the first half of July the passage of our WOW server from the  current Cataclysm add-on to the Mists of Pandaria version.
This step is related to significant changes in server coding and databases. Changes so big that we can not rule out a partial reset of some areas of progress of individual characters. In the days we will publish more details about this upcoming milestone. In spite of possible inconveniences, we decided that this is the right direction, considering the young age of our WOW server and thus relatively small potential migration losses.

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