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The revival of crafting and changes in looting saturation

We kindly inform you that today, at 7:30, the server will receive a correcting the level of looting saturation from a series of creatures in the game world, relative to saturation parameters possible to obtain during the production of weapons using runic tools.

For a long time, we have been signaled by the players that widely understood craftsmanship on the current edition of MoonGate has lost its importance, because in the spoils of creatures you can easily find items with saturation on a significant level. This in turn meant that the objects made by craftsmen lost their competitiveness.

For a long time we were wondering what to do with it, because this matter has always been delicate. No less with time and after listening to more people, we came to the conclusion that this argument is accurate. Due to the above, we are implementing a correction today, which will make finding an item with 4-5 properties and saturation at a high level more time-consuming.

We are aware that this change can have as many opponents as supporters, but in our opinion it is the only way to heal the craft – as a very important sphere of the world on which we all really care.

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