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Update package – 17.08.2019

Next fix and updates pack has been released today. Their list below:

  • New Mission Type Added: Animal Taming Missions.
    • Missions can be accepted at a new NPC at any Stablemaster.
    • Missions mirror combat missions, requiring tamers to travel to the desired location and taming a quota of creatures.
  • Each enchant type applied to a piece of equipment must be for a unique property (Evasion, Accuracy etc).
  • Essence values adjusted.
    • Min roll of all enchants raised to 50% of max roll (big increase).
    • Evasion rune erroneous values fixed (Max 25 replaced by 8).
  • Added Taming Mission dispatchers at all stables.
  • Quest kills are now awarded for helping to kill a target, instead of solely on final blow.
  • Graveyards will now increase their spawn rates dynamically as more players are around.
  • Summon Mount and Etherealize spells and scrolls now work properly.
  • Valus tailor no longer trains Martial Prowess.
  • Fixed saddle tooltip listing Black Bear as a viable steed instead of Great Bear.
  • Can now gain magical attunement with wands.
  • Spell scrolls can once again be added to spellbooks by dropping them onto the “Drop spell scroll here” slot inside the spellbook.
  • Fixed a bug causing chickens, turkeys, and harpies to not drop meat.
  • Gazers and demons will no longer attack each other.
  • Updated the appearance of the Founders Cloak.
  • Fixed issue where players with negative vitality could not gain vitality back from bards or hearths.
  • Gold and Cobalt are now the correct weight (You may need to make a new ingot and create a new stack for this to take effect).
  • Unearthed treasure chests should now properly remain for 30 minutes in all cases.
  • Contempt Ogres now have a chance to drop Skull of the Void.
  • Removed bolts of cloth from tailor stores.
  • Doubled respawn time on town cotton.
  • Increased the yield of wild cotton plants.
  • Added cotton to Barren Lands and Black Forest.
  • Barren Lands cotton is scarcer but more fruitful.
  • Using bandages will no longer cancel “Auto Fire Arrow.”

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