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Update package – 22.08.2019

We are pleased to announce that this Thursday – 22/08/2019 – between 9:00 and 9:30 – there will be a technical shutdown in the functioning of the MoonGate UO shard to implement a patch package for server scripting.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused. 


– complete fixes and cleans up talismans;
– ship cannon functions was fixed;
– pirate crew code was fixed;
– removes code restricting the dyeing of Moonglow and Library collection clothing. Confirmed on UO they can be dyed;
– fixed an issue where players could open an unlimited number of Banker Gump and the Help Gump;
– whips can now be dyed with leather dye tubs, and reforged with runic tailor kits;
– refinements now limited to Felucca in town chests;
– quivers now apply the proper bonuses (if worn) when server restarts;
– updated scouring toxin clilocs;
– scouring toxins no longer consume if there are charges remaining;
– creature stat gains will now gain the corresponding secondary stat, as long as its below the cap;
– Bodyguard can now be used by creatures/pets;
– updated Triton stats/resists;
– fixed issue where true imbuing weight was being used instead of actual imbuing weight;
– imbuing skills now replace the proper skills belonging to that skill group;
– weapon velocity cap was fixed;
– pets can now enter the Khaldun Camp Region if their master has the proper credentials;
– regeneration timer now resets when resilience is casted;
– converted Searing Weapon to Item Socket, mych like caddellite, honesty item, etc
– Searing Weapon now works per EA;
– Vendor Search Map was fixed, now, with the vendor search map you can go back to where you came from any location;
– Primeval Lich debuffs are now debuffs;
– added message when Gregorio cannot be damaged;
– healing bonus adjusted for looting rights;
– Imbuing min success chance is now 0%, no longer will go negative;
– removed command property attribute from property casuing client crashes in base book;
– Arcane Gem was fixed;
– The Redeemer Artifact was added;
– pack of ship fixes:
a) high authorized player takes control of the ship,
b) if the plank is locked, no one can enter the ship from the outside;
c) you cannot perform lock operations while the ship plank is open;
d) ship refresh messages was fixed;
e) players in the normal ship will be able to control the ships.

In addition, I am informing that from today, ie on 22/08/2019, required for correct game on MoonGate UO version, this version is not lower than indicated by number:
UO Enhanced 3D – (or higher)
UO Classic 2D – (or higher)
The number of the currently installed version of the game is displayed on the login panel.
Using the older version of the game will prevent connection to the server (kick game client).
Therefore, if you have an older version – please immediately update the Ultima installed on your computers by using the uopatch.exe file in the game folder.

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