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Update package – 17.09.2019

We are pleased to announce that next Tuesday – i.e. 17/09/2019 – between 10:00 and 10:30 – there will be a technical shutdown in the functioning of the UO MoonGate shard to implement a patch package for server scripting.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

The fix list :

– 22nd Anniversary Rewards was added with rare chance to receive an “Antique” version of one of the above which sets a special hue and item property on the gift item;
– new ingredient was added: – Live Rock and Ocean Sapphire;
– the option of displaying and disabling the display of full content of houses with the status of public buildings has been added (to be enabled and disabled in the game options);
– confirm release gump fix (bonded dead creature);
– ethereal sand was added;
– avile tentacles (maddening horror) was added;
– new tailoring recipes was added (publish 106 link – here;
– new tailoring craft items (publish 106) was added;
– Hungry Coconut Crab was added;
– AOS Weapon Attributes to the Base Armor and Base Cloth class was added;
– fixed commodity deed label;
– Publish 106 Mining Cooperative funcionalities was added ;
– Public House mechanics was fixed;
– Scroll Binder Deed was fixed;
– Incoming Treasures of Helloween event stuff – Admiral Jack’s Pumpkin Spice Ale, New Title Deeds, Exploding Jack OLantern, Jack OLantern Helm, Pumpkin Cannon and Pumpkin RowBoat was implemented;
– fixed the problem of seeing the inside of the safes on the stairs of the house;
– house style fix:
a) new signpost added,
b) new foundation style added.
– Players can now use a context menu on containers within their house to move them to other locations within the house, Players will need to secure the container after it is moved!;
– the Tithing Menu on Shrines has been updated to provide for a better user experience.

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