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Experimental Update – 22.10.2019

An update of the experimental LOA version has been released today, including the following corrections:

Ruleset Changes
– Removed guarded zones outside of towns.
– New (old) criminal system replaces karma system.
– – – Engaging in a negative action will result in a player being issued with the criminal flag, represented by a grey name.
– – – Players who murder or assist in the murder of an innocent player are issued a murder count.
– – – Players with murder counts of >= 5 will become Murderers, represented by a red name.
– – – Individual murder counts require 24 hours of game time in order to decay.
– Skill Loss
– – – On death, players with a positive number of murder counts, a criminal or murderer flag will experience skill loss.
– – – Criminals and blues with murder counts will experience skill loss of between 0.1 to 0.5 skill points from a single skill.
– – – Murderers experience skill loss of between 2.5 to 5.0 skill points from a number of skills determined by their murder counts:
– – – – – 0 to 9 = 1 Skill
– – – – – 10 to 19 = 2 Skills
– – – – – 20 to 29 = 3 Skills
– – – – – 30 to 39 = 4 Skills
– – – – – 40+ = 5 Skills
– – – Skill loss does not affect the skill’s Maximum Level Attained, this means that retrained skills will gain from the Retrain Skill Bonus (Multiplier of 3)
– – – Skill loss is reverted when the afflicted players corpse is resurrected or upon returning to their own corpse
– – – The corpses of murderers and criminals can have their heads removed by other players, forcing the deceased player to release into a ghost.
– – – When a head is removed, the afflicted player can no longer revert their skill loss via their corpse.
– – – Severed heads may be consumed by their original owner, returning the associated skill loss skills.
– – – Severed heads will rot after 10 hours if not turned in or consumed. A rotten head is strictly ornamental and has no further use.
– – – When a Murderer is killed by (or their death was assisted by) another player they are given the Capital Punishment debuff: All stats are reduced by 60% and the player is immune from skill loss for a duration of 20 minutes.

– Snooping must be done from a hidden character.
– If you are revealed, you move, or the target moves out of range, the targets pack is closed.
– As soon as you try to snoop someone you are flagged a criminal regardless of success.
– Basic skill check to see if you successfully snoop into someone’s pack.
– Every 5 seconds there is a skill check to see if the person being snooped gets a message (“You feel someone rummaging through your pack.”).

– Attempting to steal an item starts a conflict with that person. And you can not steal from someone you have an active conflict with. Lasts 5 minutes.
– The weight of what you can steal is dependant on skill. If something is too heavy, you will not attempt to steal it.
– Chance to steal an item scales linearly with skill with a max of 50%.
– If you fail to steal, you are revealed and the target is alerted.

Bug Fixes & Enhancements
– All seeds can now be stacked.
– The south most Ogre room in Contempt: Level 2 should no longer spawn monsters behind barriers.

If you are playing via the client, make sure you run the “Legends of Aria Launcher Experimental” from the Start Menu. Check the version on the bottom right of the launcher window before hitting the “Launch” button to ensure that you are running the correct version. Note: It is recommended to run the main game launcher before running the Experimental launcher.

If you are playing on Steam, first check to make sure you have the free DLC “Experimental Client” installed and that all updates are complete. Right click on Legends of Aria in your Steam Library and select “Play Legends of Aria Experimental Client” – this should be the third option on the list.

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