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Experimental LOA Client 0.9.2+ (New Dawn)

We would like to remind you that to log in to our server, you must now have Legends of Aria game version 0.9.2+ downloaded (experimental New dawn version). This does not mean the loss of game saves, after changing its version to the so-called production. For playing make sure you run the “Legends of Aria Launcher Experimental” from the Start Menu (or LOA Experimental folder). Check the version on the bottom right of the launcher window before hitting the “Launch” button to ensure that you are running the correct version. Note: It is recommended to download and run also the main game launcher before running the Experimental version.

If you are playing on Steam, first check to make sure you have the free DLC “Experimental Client” installed and that all updates are complete. Right click on Legends of Aria in your Steam Library and select “Play Legends of Aria Experimental Client” – this should be the third option on the list.

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