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Shadows above Shadowlords Fortress

The Shadowlord Stronghold dungeon in the Yew region has become a new site for more undead activity. There were even three dark Shadowlords who once ruled the area.

Three Shadowlords were spotted in history, one for each of the Anti-Principles: Hatred (Astaroth), Lie (Faulinei) and Cowardice (Nosfentor). Like the Candle of Love, the Book of Truth and the Bell of Courage, Shadowlords embody their respective anti-principles.

Astaroth, Shadowlord of Hatred, was responsible for the attacks on the Temples of Love during the Spring of 2007.

Meeting Shadowlord may not be easy. He is a strong opponent, and each of the three only appears once every 24-48 hours. In addition to loot, defeating it provides a chance to get one of several unique, rare artifacts.

Travelers – watch out!

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