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Update package – 28.11.2019

We are pleased to announce that today (28.11.2019)- between 12:30 and 13:00 – there will be a technical shutdown in the functioning of the MoonGate UO shard to implement a patch package for server scripting.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Update notes:

– a new extensive quest is available from today on our shard. During it, you will travel across several continents to finally face a powerful opponent who provides a chance for rare artifacts. Visit Hepler Paulson today – a shipyard worker from Trinsic to start the adventure;
– Shadowlords, who were spotted in the basement of the fortress near Yew, changed their hiding place. Now you will get the chance to meet them in different places in Sosaria – as part of the Felucca continent. Their area of movement, however, will be very large, as will the place of entering the game world, which means the risk of their meeting each time in a different place 🙂 In their place, another opponent will soon nest in the fortress;
– removed a critical bug in the mechanics of Peerless altars.

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