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Update package – 15.01.2020

Today the following patches have been made to the server. We encourage you to test them 🙂

Client Updates

  • Mage Grandtower House can have items placed on the floor without resetting to the center of the house.
  • Fixed movement sync issues with mages casting.

Bug Fixes & Enhancements

  • Revamped blacksmith, fabrication, and carpentry grandmaster questlines (no longer take place in the Catacombs).
  • Cooldown timer removed from Cerberus pressure plate.
  • Pets will now gain/lose their militia flags as their owner enters/leaves militia conflict.
  • Militia conflict should only refresh if both combatants are in a militia.
  • New pets will no longer be flagged for militia conflict if the owner is not currently in an active militia conflict.
  • The daily reward task list will no longer appear for each unique task type completed.
  • Players can now stealth indefinitely as long as their stealth checks pass.
  • Steal attempts no longer start a conflict with the victim (Still starts a 5 minute timer blocking future attempts).
  • Fixed not being able to open pouches and other containers while snooping.
  • Locked chests should now correctly prevent players from opening them.
  • The “Outfitter” title scroll from the League of Artisans has been removed from the supply crates and can now be purchased from the league NPC.
  • Crafted linen armor (helm, leggings, tunic) are now dyeable with clothing dyes.

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