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Update package: Forsaken Foes event, Galleon updates and other

On 19.02.2020, the UO MoonGate game server received an extensive update package covering m.i. implementation of the Forsaken Foes event, the Galleon System updates as well as a number of other patches.

I present the full list of changes below:

Treasures of the Sea (Forsaken Foes Event)

Creatures have become Soulbound!  Use a soulbinder to capture souls and redeem them for rewards from the Fellowship!

  • Ethereal Soulbinders are craftable via glassblowing
    • 20 Sand
    • 5 Ethereal Sand
  • Ethereal Sand can be collected from Corgul the Soulbinder upon his death
  • Limited quantities of Ethereal Sand can be purchased from the Mining Cooperative in Minoc
  • Quantities are limited by account
  • The Mining Cooperative vendor will restock anytime Corgul is defeated
  • All Rising Tide creatures, including Corgul, Scalis, and Charybdis can have their souls bound into ethereal soulbinders.
  • Non-tameable creatures spawned as treasure guardians from treasure chests  will also be “Soulbound”
  • Soulbound creatures will be identified via an orange hue and the “Soulbound” item property.
  • Ethereal Soulbinders must be in the top level of your backpack to function
  • Treasures of Halloween Rewards
    • These rewards will be available on a timed release throughout the run of Forsaken Foes
    • Pumpkin Cannon – a large pumpkin styled blundercannon, can be placed on a ship and fires all ship weapon ammo types
    • Pumpkin Rowboat – a large pumpkin rowboat
    • Admiral Jack’s Pumpkin Spice Ale – an equippable bottle of Admiral Jack’s favorite beverage
    • Jack o’ Lantern Helm – equippable Jack o’ Lantern helm that’s also a light source
    • Exploding Jack o’ Lantern – put one in your backpack, give one to your friend and have fun launching them at each other! Kaboom!
    • Reward Title Deeds
      • Ensign, Commander, Captain
    • Recipe Scrolls
      • All recipes crafted via tailoring
      • Mage’s Hood of Scholarly Insight – new mage’s hood equippable with the stats of the Scholarly Halo
        • 5 Yards of Cloth, 5 Leather, 1 Scholar’s Halo, 10 Void Core
      • Cowl of the Mace & Shield – new assassin’s cowl equippable with the stats of the Mace & Shield Glasses
        • 5 Yards of Cloth, 5 Leather, 1 Mace & Shield Reading Glasses, 10 Vile Tentacles
      • Elegant Collar of Fortune – new elegant collar equippable with the stats of Leurocian’s Mempo of Fortune
        • 5 Yards of Cloth, 5 Leather, 1 Leurocian’s Mempo of Fortune, 10 Fey Wings
      • Crimson Dagger/Sword/Mace Belt – 3 different weapon belt equippables with the stats of the Crimson Cincture *decorative, cannot store a weapon*
        • 4 Yards of Cloth, 5 Leather, Crimson Cincture, 10 Lodestone

New Rewards chance on Scalis, Charybdis, & Corgul

  • Scalis
    • Recipe for the generic version of the Mace Belt
    • Recipe for the generic version of the Assassin’s Cowl
  • Corgul
    • Recipe for the generic version of the Sword Belt
    • Recipe for the generic version of the Mage’s Hood
  • Charybdis
    • Recipe for the generic version of the Dagger Belt
    • Recipe for the generic version of the Elegant Collar
    • Hungry Coconut Crab Statuette
      • Pet that will eat leather, can be trained up to 2 slots and is “exoskeletal”
    • Captain’s Hearty Rum
      • Collectible equippable rum bottle with the name of one of Britannia’s favorite ships.
    • Leurocian’s Mempo of Fortune

Blackthorn’s Dungeon

  • As part of the continuing event arc, Blackthorn’s dungeon has become obstructed and will become home to a mini-quest having to do with the arc.
  • Minax Artifacts can continue to be turned in to the agent in Blackthorn’s Castle
  • Minax Artifacts can continue to be collected via the Captain’s and the Beacons
  • Characters logging into the areas outside of the beacon areas will be magically teleported out of the dungeon

Additional Patches:

  • Internal Galleon Update: Galleon Facing now uses the Multi Component List to change the ID’s of fixtures. Some of the ID’s (weapon pads) were not using the correct ID’s, and this way the code is much more simplified. All fixture lists have been consolidated into one list;
  • Fixed issue with trapped boxes;
  • Added event sink for sending detailed house foundation packet;
  • fixed issue where imbued jewelry weren’t getting durability;
  • fixed some graphical issues;
  • fixed Travesty exploit;
  • the multiplicity factor of obtaining valor points during the fight with minions on the altars of champions has been corrected;
  • the option to “equip weapons after using potions” in game assistants has been unlocked.

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