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WarCry: Azeroth – Legion server client available now!

I inform you with undisguised joy about the work being completed (this week) on the WOW server, based on the Legion add-on.

Therefore – from today, it is possible to download the game client, which – soon – you will use on our shard. This is the Legion 7.3.5 (26124) version.

A detailed description of how to connect to our shard and a link to the so-called client starter – you will find at this address

It also contains information about the download mechanics of the entire game client – in the background.

There is currently no new account registration page available on our server. As soon as the registration modules have been fully configured – we will provide you with separate information.

Downloading the game in the background requires only running it – without logging into the server. Therefore, I encourage you to download the game client – today.

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