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Package of additions and patches

Today, i.e. 16/03/2020, a package of patches and encoding additions has been uploaded to the server – eliminating errors revealed in recent days, including a critical error in the nominations of mayors of the city of Felucca.

Here are the patchnotes:

  • Improved Rock Hammer was added to Ultima Store module;
  • fixed Eodonian Potion Crash;
  • fixed Ararat Artifact spawn locations;
  • added hues to treasure map guardians – per EA
  • TAR expoling potion mechanics was fixed – per EA;
  • only crewman can now repair galleons;
  • updated Davie’s Locker to handle new Forgotten Treasure System;
  • mayor election crashbug was solved;
  • Pyre is no longer tameable.

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