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Beta test – first update package

Today, our WoW shard has received the first beta fix pack for the WarCry: Azeroth. Subsequent reported bugs will be successively corrected with next update packages. We invite you to test 🙂

List of corrections:

  • some more translations (clear local game client cache for new translations to reflect);
  • Shaman Artifact Passive Aura Spell static overload now working;
  • Spell Item – Mark of the Pantheon now working;
  • Mage Spell – Frozen Orb now has proper area effect and function;
  • Monk Spell – Earth, Storm and Fire improved upon in both visual and functionality;
  • Headless Horseman Instance works now – fully scripted.
  • Love is in the Air (Crown Chemical Co.) now shows up in lfg and now works;
  • herbalism xp gathering improved for herbalism skill in areas;
  • item enchanment at trade menu now working;
  • NPC Waypoint Sniffs added to Undercity, Orgrimmar, Isle of Giants, New Dalaran;
  • NPC Waypoint WIP for Stormwind was added;
  • Hunter Pet disappearing on level up <15;
  • adjusted some events to every 30 days;
  • coordinate adjustment for pet LFB)system;
  • rescripted slightly pandarian content:
    • Bosses: Galion, Nalak, Oondasta, Sha of Anger;
    • Zones (not quests): Krasarang Wilds, Timeless Isle, Valley of the Four Winds, Wandering Island.
  • Quests fixed:
    • Tirisfal Glades, Northern Barrens, Azshara : numerous quests, npc, mobs, object, spell etc. was modified;
  • In addition, the following quests have been corrected:
    • The Blackmaw Doublecross (Azshara);
    • Hacking the Construct (Azshara);
    • Wasn’t It Obvious (Azshara);
    • Easy is Boring (Azshara);
    • The Trial of Shadow (Azshara);
    • The Trial of Fire (Azshara);
    • The Trial of Frost (Azshara);
    • Watch Your Step (Azshara);
    • Ice Cold (Azshara);
    • For The Horde! (WOD GARRISON) – banner placement implemented;
    • The New Blood.

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