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Update package and new version of the ClassicUO overlay

We would like to kindly inform you that as of today, the WarCry server: Sosaria has received an update package including the following modifications, corrections and facilities:

  • the spring season was incoming to all shard continents;
  • added missing resurrection tree – Silver Sapling to Secret Underground Gardens in Stygian Abyss;
  • fixed issue where client helpers could bypass the container gump and add items directly to the seed box;
  • fixes an issue where bards could not use their abilities when calmed;
  • Seared Fire Ant Goo is no longer stackable;
  • blue NPC’s (mainly vendors, not initial innocent) can no longer be attacked on New Haven Area;
  • aggressors/aggressed from pet masters works properly again;
  • aggressive action for healing a mobile while fighting another mobile has been re-enabled;
  • Aura Damage is now a harmful act (with aggro);
  • ML Dryads should no longer attack other wild creatures during Blackthorn Invasion Instance;
  • Repair Bench gump will no longer lock up;
  • summons now properly flag the caster when they engage in combat;
  • Cusidhe odds slightly tweaked to match EA;
  • added decorative stable and dungeon set to the UO Store;
  • fixed an exploit where anyone could gain control of someone elses mannequin.

In addition, the encoding of Payable Coloring Tubes has been implemented on the server, which will soon be available in various cities of Sosaria.

In addition, we encourage you to update your ClassicUO overlays to the Beta version – (link). Compared to the previous version, it contains the following patches:

  • encryption option implemented;
  • fixed issue when receive an Equip Item packet, client didn’t remove item from containers/ground;
  • fixed sub-bags opened when master bag was closed;
  • fixed plate arms;
  • fixed possible serial collision with spellbutton, skillbutton, abilitybutton;
  • reverse animation from packet;
  • fixed text position when targetting;
  • partially fixed boat invisible crews;
  • partially fixed boat flickering;
  • improved I/O texture data;
  • fixed chessboard graphic, blackthrone, new chairs;
  • new minihealth bars system and logic;
  • fixed Target Next macro behaviour;
  • fixed Packet Open Door length;
  • fixed crash when server sends map index greater than MAP_COUNT value;
  • fixed UOLive;
  • fix throwing skill not present in skillgroup [YOU HAVE TO DELETE THE SKILLGROUP.XML in your current profile folder];
  • added “encryption” and “use_verdata” args.

Before starting ClassicUO, make sure that the encryption line has the following notation in the settings.json file:
“encryption”: 0,

In case of a different number, turn off the assistant and UO and change the entry of this line to 0.

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