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Second fix pack – beta WarCry: Azeroth

Today, our World of Warcraft – WarCry: Azeroth shard has implemented a second fix pack. Among the introduced changes, we have introduced a new Store module, which will ultimately be an extension of the Donation System formula – as is the case on the UO server.

Subsequent reported bugs will be successively corrected with subsequent update packages. We invite you to test the beta version of our shard ?

List of corrections:

Capitals\ Life Proggress:

  • Thunderbluff NPC waypoint data and actions fully added;
  • Ogrimmar NPC waypoint data and actions fully added;
  • Stormwind NPC waypoint data and actions completed based;
  • Iron Forge NPC waypoint data and actions fully added;
  • Booty Bay NPC waypoint data and actions fully added;
  • Silvermoon NPC waypoint data and actions fully added except for the Emissary waypoints and script;
  • Dalaran and New Dalaran NPC waypoint data and actions fully added;
  • Brawler Arena and Pub NPC waypoint data and actions fully added.

NPC Fixes\Adjustments:

  • Justice Trade Goods Talric Forthright and Togar now sells his items;
  • Alliance Gold Exchange Brawler NPC Ulaani and Leila corrected (items still need to be worked on);
  • Horde Gold Exchange Brawler’s Guild Vendor now sells brawler quest items;
  • NPC Kaja (Orgrimmar Tauren) flags corrected;
  • now the rifle and bow vendor sells rifles and bows and repairs;
  • NPC Airwyn Bantamflax was fixed;
  • corrected flags set for Iron Forge Guild Master, Iron Forge Tabbard Designer, Stormwind Guild Master, Stormwind Tabbard Designer;
  • added missing Iron Forge Guild Vendor;
  • added missing The Exodar Guild Vendor;
  • Brawler Pub (Alliance) now servers drinks;
  • NPC Pricilla Winterwind now has propery flight manager and quest giver flag;
  • Blood-soaked Invitation (Brawler invite) now purchasable in blackmarket vendor, Nipsy (Stormwind Deeprun Tram), and Dran Droffers (Orgrimmar);
  • Bat Handler Doomair missing flight manager Ruins of Gilneas added;
  • improved the mechanics of a number of other NPCs in the game.

Additional Fixes\Additions:

  • Battlepay Remake;
  • pet dimissing from the pet journal now fixed;
  • pet abandoning from the pet journal working properly now;
  • ressurection sickness aura no longer permanent when player dies per a login session;
  • Hunter Pet’s names is now saved properly, and does not revert to default name after every summons;
  • randomized pet battle stats for wild encounters.

Remember about clear you game cache before logging in to server.

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