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Third fix pack – Beta Warcry: Azeroth

Today, our World of Warcraft – WarCry shard has implemented a third fix pack.

We invite you to test the beta version of our Azeroth world ?

List of corrections:

NPC Corrections\fixes\additions:

  • new Transmog NPC (locations is the front gate walk way of Stormwind and Orgrimmar and the respective void banks);
  • Razor Hill Waypoint NPC data added;
  • Orgrimmar NPC Miwana Inn Keeper now linked to inn keeper script;
  • Orgrimmar NPC Tinza Silvermug Inn Keeper now linked to inn keeper script;
  • Stormwind NPC Steve Lohan Inn Keeper now linked to inn keeper script and sells items;
  • Darnassus NPC Gwen Armstead Inn Keeper now linked to inn keeper script;
  • Ironforge NPCs now actually do move again, as for some people it was not working;
  • Sraaz NPC (IronForge) now sells pie, sugar booger and is a drug dealer as well;
  • missing NPC Scowling Rosa added with waypoint data;
  • Valley of Trials and Mulgor waypoint and NPC animation added;

Mage Summon Water Element:

  • Mage Summon Water Elemental now does melee attack and respond;

BattlePay System:

  • BattlePay Character boost, Level Boost, and Gold Boost now works;
  • BattlePay descriptions added for all but weapons, armor and heirlooms;
  • BattlePay icons added and descriptions fixed up for boosts;
  • BattlePay group icons now got correct size;
  • access to the BattlePay Module and purchases within its capabilities have been modified from Moderator accounts to Player level accounts, but of course most upgrades still require characters at the appropriate level;


  • most tested Glyphs work properly now;
  • adventure journal – small touch up in function;
  • several other faulty modules in the game now work correctly.

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