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New Tournament System features, Jolly Roger updates and more

On June 26, 2020, the following changes and corrections were implemented on the server:

New Tournaments System features:

  • added Team Rumble CTF to existing CTF arena’s, as well as a new arena that supports a four teams at once! Team Rumble is a standard CTF game, however once the game begins, teams are chosen randomly;
  • added Leaderboards, which will reset on the first of each month;
  • new commands: “I wish to duel”, “I wish to challenge you to a duel” – if withing range of the Arena Keeper, will bring up a cursor to challenge another player to a 1v1 no rules arena duel;

Additional updates:

  • Cleanup Trash Barrels has been removed from the server. Currently, all ordinary trash barrels have been linked to the Cleanup Britannia system, which allows you to remove unnecessary equipment from the level of your own homes or bank;
  • a correction package has been added to the Jolly Roger event;
  • the mechanics of the eject module in the houses have been corrected. Currently, the system will take into account the level of individual players within the property;
  • news gump was added (for each login player).

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