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PvP Ranks, Statistics and Awards

At the beginning I would like to thank you and the name of the whole WarCry team for the nice response that we received after the implementation of the last shard updates. It is nice to see how much you have joined the game in new areas, including to participate in protecting cities against invasions and to set up further bets in the casino. As you know, interest in many casino options – after the implementation of the latest extensions of this system – has become so great that we made a quick decision to launch another, second casino in the city of Trinsic. Some of the slot machines at Fire Casino in the city of Nujelm have queued up 🙂

Both of the above mentioned systems are the implementation of solutions used on the first, legendary edition of our shard – in 2000-2003. The more we are pleased to see, how despite the passage of time – old but good solutions, after a slight facelift and adaptation to the Enhanced version of the game – find your approval.

Noticing the positive effects of the chosen direction, today we have added to the server another system used in the first edition of shard – PvP Ranks, Statistics and Awards.

With the launch of this system, each player has been given the option of using on another player (and his own) [pvpstats command, which will generate a window with information about PvP statistics, the current character rank and the number of points collected. There will also be PvP leaderboards in the game world, where you will be able to track information about all characters in the game world – with the option of displaying the best PvP player leaderboard etc.

However, this is not all. PvP Award Stones will also be located in the game world, where you can exchange your PvP points for various grants. Currently – as part of the tests – we have provided valoric rune tools with 50 uses there. In the near future, after agreeing with the crews, further sections of the award stone (armor, clothing, weapons, jewelry, other equipment) will be successively supplemented with new options available to you – in exchange for accumulated PvP points. These awards will also be successively changed, so that this system will be for you – permanently – worthy of attention.

We trust that the solution introduced will be a selected complement to the already existing systems – Tournament, League and PVP Arenas, the Head Hunter System and the Achievement System. Enjoying the ongoing vacation – now we invite you to play together 🙂

PS. To limit the temptations of possible abuse, we have implemented some safeguards regarding the level of playerbcharacters whose duels are included in the PvP scoring / ranks, and restrictions on reskill counting.

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