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Dunegon Doom revamp, Spring Decoration Collection and other changes

after the last revamp of Destard, it’s time for Doom, which is very popular.

Today, the server received a package of corrections and updates, including new spawn point mechanism in this dungeon. The locations of individual creatures, including bosses, as well as the appearance points of treasures, artifacts, stealables and teleporter locations have been verified, adjusting the filling of the dungeons to the current, official rules of Ultima Online.

I know that the changes made to the update of individual dungeons in the game meet your expectations and I assure you that other similar places in the game world will also be reviewed.

At the same time, I would like to remind you that due to the deactivation of Malas, the entrance to the Doom dungeon is now located in the former headquarters of the Council of Mages faction, near Moonglow on the Felucca continent. I encourage you to browse the Maps Section on our website for all geographic changes on WarCry: Sosaria.

In addition, the following modifications were also implemented on the server:

  • NPC shop item prices now reset at startup, per EA;
  • Nether Cyclone spell damage was fixed;
  • Magic Reflect spell mechanics was modified – now EA like;
  • visibility list now persists through restarts;
  • fixed an exploit with Chicken Statue and Cow Statue;
  • fishing poles now get luck accounted;
  • Restless Soul is now grey;
  • ddded proper CUB point value to treasuer maps;
  • fixes an exploit with vendor rentals;
  • The Spring Decoration Collection has been added to the server mechanics along with the tokens that will be distributed to players as part of the event rewards. Each token will allow you to select one award from the collection. More information about the collection itself can be found at this link ;
  • Decorative Garden Sculpture was added to Ultima Store.


  • reinfection of the Player’s character with the disease he previously cured will no longer result in possible instability of the game server;
  • werewolf claws will now be visible to the player, which will allow him to use appropriate specials instead of those derived from wrestling. The properties of the claws will be modified in the coming days to improve their offensive potential.
  • fixed a bug that could result in a spontaneous recovery from vampirism / lycanthropy under certain circumstances.

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