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Pet mechanics modification, VvV mount changes, and more

Today’s fix pack covers several aspects related to the further optimization and adaptation of individual server code fragments to its new kernel. We treat this aspect as a special priority due to the planned far-reaching changes, including the planned implementation of a number of automated events and quests – in which direction the game developers are currently heading.

The update also implements the first stage of key changes in the adaptation of the pet potential – as “tanks” against the stronger creatures inhabiting our world. Over a long period of time, my friends and I analyzed this issue at OSI, noting a significant disproportion in this area. On our shard, using creatures to “tank” often did not require too careful involvement of the Player (a few macros often solved the matter), which is not the case with EA.

The changes implemented today are a step to avoid these differences, which will also affect the greater balance of the Tamer class compared to other character classes in PvM battles or, for example, on champion respawn points.

The introduced changes also limit the possibility of using VvV mounts for characters who resigned from active participation in this system – which was requested by players actively involved in this system for a long time.

In addition, we fixed the revealed bugs in the mechanics of the Explore the Deep Event, and introduced player-friendly solutions to limit the potential of Slasher of Veils within the Chamber of Virtues.

Full list of changes below:

  • controlled pets will now take slightly more damage from monsters and bosses. This is the beginning of our attempts to better balance the pets and bring them into line with the official rules of the game in terms of their ability to tank the main bosses without the need for treatment or real monitoring of the pet;
    Tests for changes already implemented in this area (in the current patch package) were performed at OSI.
  • The Winch Assembly on the upper deck of the sunken ship in the Explore the Deep event has been fixed and correctly positioned. Moreover, its coding has been unified with the new server kernel;
  • Shadowlords encoding has been modified and unified with the new server kernel;
  • Peerless Key encoding has been modified and unified with the new server kernel;
  • Non-VvV players can no longer use vvv mounts;
  • Slasher of Veils is now weak while inside the chamber of virtue (we moved his spawn point up north more outside the chamber);
  • annoying spamming sound for Despise creatures was removed.

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