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Anvil of Artifacts and some server fixes

Today, another useful item has been added to the Donation Store in the game – Anvil of Artifacts.

An exceptional boost to resistance, including an additional bonus from arms lore, is usually randomly applied to a crafted item. Anvil of Artifacts will let you control where these resistances are applied – but at a cost. The costs of materials used for production will increase tenfold, i.e. making, for example, leather gloves will mean sacrificing 30 pieces of leather instead of 3. Moreover, Anvil itself has a limited number of charges, has spark animation on / off, although it will remain to be used as a potential decoration after using the charges power.

The interface for using Anvil requires you to select 2 sets of information – unique bonus and unique runic bonus – both must be specified, even if you are not using runic crafting. When crafting an item with a runic tool, the resulting armor will still be subject to the random properties of magic items.

The example below shows the legendary craftsman interface with GM knowledge.

More information about this new tool can be found at the link.

Additionally :

  • fixed the problem revealed in the operation of the Winch Assembly, which did not work properly, to provide access to the Shadow Lord;
  • Magic Reflect will now correctly reduce maximum physical resistance;
  • a critical bug in Exploring The Deep Peerless Encounter coding has been fixed, which could result in instability of the game client;
  • revealed bugs in the functioning of the Death Maze have been fixed;
  • various improvements have been implemented in the field of placing add-ons in players’ buildings;
  • implemented fixes for Galleons and their attachments now remaining in the correct places when using the designated course;
  • added a number of missing new keep and castle designs in the building placement tool.

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