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Warcry: Hyboria (Conan Exiles) server testing

If any of you have Conan Exiles, you may be interested in the information that we have just started tests to verify the performance and optimization of the latest version of the server.
You can log in to it by searching the game server search options (PvP servers) for the name WarCry: Hyboria.
We are curious about the impact of online growth on server resource strain, given that we have lifted the technical limits of players who can participate in the game simultaneously.
The test server is currently running on the base map due to numerous bugs revealed in the latest Isles expansion.
Everyone willing to run and gut together – we invite you.


September 24, 2020
Hi! really excited to start playing conan exiles warcry! actually we already started, however just would like to know if this only test server so you will wipe it? if it is so... it is a pitty we already have been working a lot of hours today... so we would like to confirm that... please... thanks.
September 24, 2020
Hello Vicofe, We do not expect the server to wipe after testing is complete :)

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