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WarCry: Azeroth update and fix pack

Today, we rolled out the sixth major update and fix pack for the World of Warcraft server – WarCry: Azeroth.

The implemented changes include the final version of Solocraft, a number of adjustments to the functioning of pets, patches covering the mechanics of garrisons, revamping the loot structure and a number of other improvements you want.

I encourage you to read the patch note below, which presents the most important elements of the package (though not all).


  • new NPC – Gambler was implemented;
  • new NPC – Guild House Master was implemented;
  • chat logging now properly working;
  • Solocraft final update was implemented;
  • Flawless Battle Stone was added to BattleShop boost category.
  • Battleshop level 90 and 100 boosts now includes gear;
  • level 100 boost scroll with gear was added;
  • level 110 boost scroll with gear was added;
  • using Tyrael’s Hilt now grants the appropriate pet – Mini Tyrael;
  • Treasure Goblin’s Pack now properly adds the Treasure Goblin Pet;
  • Babyshark was fully scripted, but does not become a journal entry as the pet was never fully implemented in WOTLIK by Blizzard;
  • a few more pets was fixed;
  • Argent Squire and Argent Gruntling fixed with bank, mail and vendor options with spells was implemented;
  • fixed several pet\mount items that do not consume when used;
  • subsituted Murloc’s Tiny Spear with Twilight Pet in BattleShop.
  • world chat command has now changed to .wr;
  • Stable Master menu was redesigned and corrected for both hunter and non hunter class;
  • Quest Repair NPC was fixed , and can now propperly complete quests;
  • Scout Map is working, but still waiting feedback and full audit;
  • Scout Master Kevin was introduced as additional scout map subsitute, due to some situations where they can not be accessed;
  • Auction assertion reload error was fixed;
  • new, Blizzlike revamp of loot structure was implemented;
  • Garrisons Hearth Stone cooldown and cast time delay module was implemented now;
  • Dalaran Hearth Stone cooldown and cast time delay module implemented now.

New Improved Items:

  • Instance Reset Scroll;
  • Goblin Warrior Mercenary Scroll;
  • Goblin Hunter Mercenary Scroll;
  • Goblin Brawler Mercenary Scroll;
  • Goblin Arsonist Mercenary Scroll;
  • Level 100 Boost Scroll with gear;
  • Level 110 Boost Scroll with gear.
  • WOD Skip Starter Scroll (establishes garrison with 1 follower) for tests purpose;
  • Panderian Skip Scroll for tests purpose;
  • Death Knight Skip Scroll for tests purpose;
  • Goblin Skip Scroll for tests purpose;
  • Worgen Skip Scroll for tests purpose;
  • Demon Hunter Skip Scroll for tests purpose;
  • All Mounts Scroll for tests purpose.

Wow Tokens: (not all implemented in drops yet):

  • Gold WoW Token;
  • Brawler WoW Token;
  • Vanilla WoW Token;
  • TBC WoW Token;
  • WOTLK WoW Token;
  • Cata WoW Token;
  • MOP WoW Token;
  • WOD WoW Token;
  • Legion WoW Token;
  • Raid WoW Token;
  • Scenario WoW Token;
  • Final Kill WoW Token.
    Part of WoW tokens (Cata, WOTLK, MOP, WOD, Legion) was implemented now.

Quest Fixes:

  • Paladin Artifact quest and Retribution Paladin Artifact quest was fixed;
  • Rage Fire Chasm and Wailing Caverns Dungeon Instances was fixed.
  • Ashran Appearance quest was fixed;
  • Keeping it Together quest was fully rewrited.

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