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Exciting changes to the Achievement System (Sovereigns as additional rewards), Bounty Hunter mechanics update and a many of other modifications.

Today’s update focuses on three main areas of the game world.

First, we’ve prepared an exciting change to the Achievement System for you.

As you know, our server has a system that puts you with various types of achievements, offering – for each of them – a certain amount of points. These achievements include the area of ​​crafting, exploration, quests, PvM and PvP fights, but not only. For each achievement, your character receives a certain number of achievements points.

From your accounts you can open an gump of achievements – by using the [MyAchievements.
It is also possible to look at the achievements of another Player’s character – by using the [Achievements.

The change that we are introducing – from today – to make the autumn and winter evenings more pleasant, consists in adding – as a bonus – for each Achievement Point – the same amount of sovereigns. This means that if for a specific example achievement (e.g. Hyhloth Dungeon exploration in Felucca) you are entitled to 12 Achievement Points – along with them, your UOStore account wallet in the game will receive 12 sovereigns that can be used to obtain rewards / options available so far only under the Donation System. If, in turn, an achievement is rewarded with 50 Achievement Points – after obtaining it, your account will additionally receive another 50 sovereigns.

I trust that you will like the introduced change, because it is a significant extension of this system, and the system itself will now provide you with real benefits from developing your own characters in the game.

Due to the fact that the allocation of sovereigns for Achievement Points is not retroactive – we have reset the previously earned Achievement Points for all characters on the server. This will allow you to get them again along with the bonus sovereigns.

The second area is the refreshed Bounty Hunter system, which includes a number of fixes – including the complete rewrite of the reward board gumps, which will now be displayed correctly in both the Classic 2D and Enhanced versions of the game (warm thanks to Pirat for helping with this change!). In addition, we have modified the mechanics of the system itself so that the victim killed by the attacker can award a reward not only if the aggressor had a red CP (murderer) status, but also if he did not meet this requirement, but committed an attack on an innocent character. At the same time, we keep the previous time periods between the possible imposition of a prize on the head of the same aggressor, in relation to a single victim.

The third area of ​​changes is the implementation of completely new clock mechanisms, which will count the entire number of aspects of the game in a much more efficient and unified way, with much lower server resources expenditure. I do not need to tell you how many different factors in the game are based on countdown periods and how many independent clocks – therefore had to – generate and monitor the core of our server. The new solutions implemented today (described in detail below) will affect not only the greater efficiency of the entire game world, but also a smaller scale of resources occupied by this world.

In addition, the published package introduces a number of various types of fixes, eliminating the bugs revealed by players since the last update. We encourage you to read the patchnotes below.

  • a modified Achievement System was implemented. From now on, for each achievement, your character will also receive the same amount of sovereigns, which can be used to earn rewards / options available so far – only within the Donation System! Sovereigns will be assigned directly to your account in the UO Store module.
  • the Bounty System has been modified:
    a) a new Bounty Board board has been coded from scratch, which will now be available for viewing in both the 2D and Enhanced versions of the game (thank you Pirate!);
    b) the victim’s ability to designate a reward for the head of the aggressor will no longer depend on his or her status as a murderer;
  • added Huntmasters best achievements tables at Sosaria’s city banks;
  • Dryad Allure monsters will now be properly removed when freed;
  • additional equipment can no longer be placed on the front steps of the building during production;
  • fixed a problem with some newer stairs when rebuilding players’ houses;
  • problem with ladders in large player facilities (castles) has been fixed;
  • added 15 missing Halloween Pumpkin patterns to the carving kit;
  • Pumpkin Head and The Butcher’s loot and properties have been fixed to match the current official rules of the game;
  • other missing items have been added to the Halloween Event;
  • modifications to the coding of some champions have been implemented to improve the functionality of their system;
  • static timers have been implemented for all pets, so they will now be canceled according to their respective time periods;
  • revealed bugs in the functioning of the trap disarming training kit have been fixed;
  • fixed critical bugs in New Magincia Bazaar;
  • fixes an issue where monsters and animals could pass through closed doors;
  • added time / hit / mana regeneration counters to the clock register. Players and minions will now have their own timers to fully eliminate anomalies in timing;
  • fixed an issue where champions reappearance was not automatically generated after their removal by staff members;
  • fixed a bug where minion bodies near champion altars were not removed after 1 minute;
  • timer thresholding mechanisms have been added, where reaching the countdown time elapses will result in the creation of a new timer. This will prevent clocks from further processing potentially large timer lists that could degrade the efficiency of the entire server;
  • fixed memory leaks revealed by some clocks triggered during character / creature creation and deserialization;
  • the corpse decay time will now be controlled by the unified clock module;
  • revealed bugs when activating the Kotl System have been fixed;
  • a new, improved mechanism for calling commands in the game has been added;
  • Bolt of Cloth will no longer be reversible along with Player buildings;
  • chest guards will now receive the Soul Bound tag during active events;
  • fixed an issue where the character’s physical resistance did not return to normal when the Reflect Magic was deactivated;
  • the negotiator module supporting the assistant programs for 2D and Enhanced games has been completely rewritten.

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