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Ultima Online in the golden Origin era – new shard coming soon!


I am happy to inform you that as part of the WarCry servers project, we are conducting advanced work on the launch of a new Ultima Online server – located in the so-called Origin Era – which means based on the times of the greatest popularity of this game (Second Age and Renaissance additions).

Our world will be enriched with a number of proprietary solutions (e.g. Achievement System, PvP Rankings, Arena and Tournament System, Head Hunter System, Rares Hunter System, Vampirism and Lycanthropy and many, many others), additional possibilities (e.g. 32 complete building designs for players – apart from the standard ones available in the game), and what is unheard of – support in this era also games in the Enhanced Client version.

By implementing individual elements of the mechanics, we aim to rebuild the community of this great game, from a period in which cooperation and interaction were more important than the self-sufficient solo game, which was pushed by UO successive, via unsuccessful expansions.

We invite you to follow our website and Discord channels. We plan to launch the server as soon as possible, aiming at the third decade of December (our gift for you for Christmas) 🙂

I also post a link to the game manual from the Second Age and Renaissance period.

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