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Legends of Aria server in experimental phase

As of today, our Legends of Aria server – WarCry: Aria – has entered its periodic experimental phase. This means that you need an experimental version 1.4.0 client to log in – available at this link. The basic client in version 1.3 will not allow you to log into the server.

Entering the experimental phase does not affect your achievements so far and the progress of your characters in the game, as well as leaving the experimental phase later will not affect it.

The aim of the experimental phase is to verify the correct functioning of the game client and the server itself as part of the planned migration to the Unity 2020 environment.

To log into our server in the experimental phase, download the experimental client from the link above and put it in the Experimental directory in the game’s main folder. You will start the game in the experimental phase by using the Legends of Aria.exe file in the experimental folder.


December 10, 2020
Hi how long will experimental phase take? I have download v 1.4.0. but can not log in with my account and password
December 11, 2020
If you are trying to log in to our server (it is on the community server list), make sure you use the Legends of Aria.exe file from the experimental folder to run the game. It must also be in the main game folder. The experimental phase is scheduled for December 18. You can check the game versions in the game login window (bottom right corner of the screen)

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