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Updated coding and rules for the Hyborian world

Today we updated our Conan Exiles – WarCry: Hyboria server to version 1.3.5 (the most recent edition tested by Funcom).

The changes compared to the previous version 1.3.1 include, among others, optimized communication between the server and Steam Users and the possibility of a smoother implementation of any proprietary modifications to the server.

In addition, today – following the suggestions of our community – we have activated the PvP functionality in the area of damaging other Players’ buildings – with the simultaneous determination of permissible days and time periods in which it is possible.

Additionally, we have disabled the previously used blockade limiting the collapse of buildings abandoned by Players.

We encourage you to delve into the harsh but very atmospheric world of Hyboria – the universe created by Robert E. Howard 🙂

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