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An update pack for WarCry: Azeroth

Today, we have implemented another patch and update package to the World of Warcraft – WarCry: Azeroth server. Particularly noteworthy is the correction of over 300 subsequent quests in the game world and alot of related NPCs on all continents. Below, I also publish other corrections worth noting due to the reported errors in this regard:

Additional class hall updates:

  • Warlock Class Hall Life was added;
  • Druid Class Hall Life was added;

Additional Capitals updates:

  • Darnassus Capital Life was added;

General Fixes:

  • fixed Quest Menu issue with Stable Masters;
  • fixed over 300 subsequent quests in the game world and alot of related NPCs on all continents;


  • Legendary Trainer and Legendary Vendor Arcanomancer Vridiel gossip menu is finally fixed;
  • Vultros & Young Flesh Rippers Birds no long weild a sword;
  • Cow King for Diablo Event’s Cow Level was fixed;
  • Cow Level Trash Mobs was scripted;
  • Watcher Grimeo phase was fixed;
  • Watch Commander Relthon Netherwane phase was fixed;
  • added the remaining three code redemption AI to the remaing code redeemers in Orgrimmar, Iron Forge and Boot Bay;

Duff’s Pet Collection Introduced:

  • New Duff Pet Collection are now finshed;

New Events:

  • Diablo Anniversary Event was scripted with treasure goblins spawned in their respected areas. Will only spawn when event is active;
  • Dalaran Pet Tournament was scripted. Talk to the Dalaran Pet Tournament Announcer in Legion Dalaran by the pet arena area;


  • select issues with players “Sky Swimming” when entering and exiting a instance was fixed;
  • Massive Additional Dungeon Quest Scaling was implemented;


  • Demon Hunter Eye Beam was fixed;
  • Mage Blink was fixed;
  • Rogue Death from above was fixed;
  • Druid Displacement Beast mechanics have been rewritten to conform to the official game rules.

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