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Migrations to Sosaria and an update pack for this shard

Yesterday, we started the migration of players from the Britannia server to Sosaria. Migration covers people who have accounts created before 02/10/2021 and have not previously had accounts on Sosaria.

As part of the migration, each player can choose from two variants:

  • the first option involves the transfer of statistics and skills from characters on Britannia to new characters (created in Sosaria) + transfer of the house (without equipment), gold, sovereigns, magic ingredients and resources (if you have more than 100 units of a given resource)
  • the second option includes the transfer of statistics and skills from the characters on Britannia to new characters (created in Sosaria) + a layette for a better start (500,000 gp + 1 item bless deed).

Each Player who has accounts in Britannia eligible for transfer may choose one of the above-mentioned variants for a given account.

In addition, the active Supporter statuses (and related bonuses) + the contributor’s Sash are also transferred.

Migrations will be carried out until 02/28/2021. Until then, the server will also implement other elements of the basic mechanics that used to function on Britannia, but we do not plan to slim down Sosaria’s content – which is many times larger than the one presented on Britannia 🙂

In addition, I would like to inform you that today the following modifications have been made to Sosaria:

  • from Sosaria’s sovereign / donation system, we have removed the options for training characters above 85 skill points by introducing a template (advanced characters) from Britania and additional templates for new professions – Necromancer, Paladin, Ninja and Samurai;
  • newly created runebooks have lost their blessed status by default (the change does not apply to books already existing in the game world);
  • Runebook Bless Deed has been implemented, the act of blessing a runebook (a rare item looted by champions and other especially strong creatures);
  • the mechanics of the City Guard have been remodeled. City guards still respond to calls from NPCs or players who witness crimes or other violations of the law, but no longer have the “instant kill” power. Instead, they appear at the summon and attack the rogues in a less “divine” way :);
  • the NPC Beekeeper has been added to the game world – offering equipment that allows you to set up your own hives.
  • the security of the Guard around public transport gates was deactivated;
  • a character with Criminal status will now be able to use public communication gates;
  • a character using a public gate will no longer be hidden in the destination point;
  • a rare chance for loot in the form of Bless Deed and Cloth Bless Deed has been added to the loot from some strong creatures (e.g. Champions). These acts make it possible to permanently protect a single piece of equipment against loss at the time of death;
  • the option to bond new pets by staying in the stable has been deactivated. On the stronger creatures, you will get a rare chance for a Pet Bonding Potion (+ the current opportunity to receive it by spending the sovereigns accumulated in the game). This change does not affect pets that have already been bonded and retain this status;

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