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Update package for Sosaria server

Today, Sosaria has received an update package implementing in this world a number of proprietary solutions previously used on Britannia or from the T2A and UOR era. The implemented modifications include, among others, the Witcher System, full implementation of the Advanced Cooking System with all recipes, the full Camping System known from Britannia, or a change in the methodology of access to players’ buildings.

List of changes below:

  • New Haven will no longer be available for characters that have lost Young status;
  • it will no longer be possible to mark runes in New Haven;
  • Dark Scribe will no longer offer higher than basic magic scrolls;
  • Felucca Ruleset has been introduced on Ilshenar;
  • added a chance for food and drink recipes with temporary stat and skill bonuses in loot. These recipes, after being added to the recipe book, can be used to produce products using various types of raw materials available in the game world as part of Advanced Cooking System, Rancher System, Beekeeping, etc;
  • the Witchcraft System known from Britannia has been implemented, allowing you to create potions / products offering various types of temporary character enhancements. A number of them allow you to acquire a temporary bonus to statistics and skills (up to 10 points of a given skill, depending on the type of food corrupted by dark power)
  • Corrupt Guards have come to the game world, who will allow you to erease your murders for purses of gold;
  • the Camping system has been updated to the version known from the world of Britannia;
  • the access control mechanism to open the doors in the players’ buildings according to the authorization level (owner / co-owner / friend) was replaced with access to open the door for all people with keys;
  • an option to change the door lock has been added to the Player buildings menu. Buildings owners who do not have keys can obtain them for the first time in this way;
  • added options to set permanent opening / closing of doors in players’ houses by using (click with the mouse) on the key and selecting specific doors;
  • the option of creating additional house keys has been added by clicking on a clean key and selecting the key to the house;
  • access control within the players’ building only for people with house permissions has been removed. Thus, even people who do not have the status of owner / co-owner / friend will be able to enter private buildings, provided that they obtain the key to their door in advance;
  • a bug limiting the use of some tabards by a gargoyle has been eliminated
  • incorrect graphisc of the ethereal capibara has been fixed.

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