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An update pack for Sosaria and additional character slots – not only for Crafters

Today, another package of fixes has been added to the server aimed at making the crafting professions more attractive in terms of the potential of loot, as well as aimed at increasing the importance of crafting players – compared to characters who do it only occasionally. Additionally, in order to enable each player to undertake training in craftsmanship – as part of one of the professions of his choice – we decided to increase the character limit for each of the two possible accounts – from one to two. This will give each of you the opportunity to have, for example, one PvP-focused character, one PvM-focused character and 2 additional characters involved in other spheres of the game.

Account limit – it will still not be counted for accounts with the status of a Contributor. Players who have more than 2 characters in their accounts can transfer excess characters to another free account they have. Please contact us about this via Discord. The possibility of creating more than 2 characters on accounts has been technically blocked. The purpose of creating a new character on an account where you already have two others – it will be necessary to delete one of the characters you already have (which is possible after 7 days from its creation).

Below today’s patchnotes:

  • the number of characters that the player can have on the server has been increased to 4 – according to the Server Code (2 accounts, 2 characters on each account). This is to ensure that players can create additional characters – craftsmen in the context of recent changes to improve the competitiveness of equipment created by players. We decided that each player with 1 or 2 characters strictly for combat (e.g. one PvP and one PvM character) would have a very limited field of participation in crafting while maintaining the current limit of 2 accounts for 1 character – hence the decision was made in this regard.
    All people who want to transfer their already owned characters between accounts (e.g. to another account with a free slot or a supporter account), please contact us by 02/28/2021 (via Discord).
  • the maximum durability for new artifacts in the game has been set to 125 (so far 255 – the change does not apply to existing items). The change is related to further work to improve the balance between the attractiveness of equipment produced by players using special resources and runic tools – in relation to the potential of loot items;
  • the purchase of basic production resources from NPC merchants will no longer be possible. This is to increase profits and sales for those who acquire and sell them to other Players;
  • the number of sovereigns acquired under the Achievement System is set at 2: 1 (1 sovereign for 2 achievement points).

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