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The incredible success of Valheim and the first WarCry settlements

Valheim – a survival game with the option of an online interaction, played in Viking Purgatory for last two weeks is a real sensation in the world of virtual entertainment. Since its appearance – in Early Access – on Steam, over 3 million copies of the game have already been sold, and the title itself has gathered over 56,000 opinions from users of this platform with an overwhelmingly positive average rating.

On February 5, we launched the WarCry: Valheim server on our platform – dedicated to this game. We are pleased with the interest in this world and the fact that the group of Vikings on the shard is gradually growing. The consequence of the growing interest in the Valheim server is also the appearance in our – procedurally generated world – of the first buildings and settlements of players (photos below). We watch our new universe come to life with undisguised satisfaction, while at the same time preparing our infrastructure to service more people. I assure you that as soon as the game developers unlock the current hard cap for the number of people in the multiplayer game, we will be ready to make the world of Valheim available to other, wider groups of interested people.

Regardless of this, our service registered the and domains at the beginning of February. The former was redirected to the Polish MMOGspot catalog, news about the WarCry: Valheim server, while the domain to its English equivalent. I trust that thanks to this we will be able to reach another group of Vikings on their way to Valhalla.

Access to our server is possible after purchasing the game on Steam, selecting the View / Servers / Favorites option New Server in Steam and entering the address / port – (in case of problems with this address, enter 2457). Then we search for our server (WarCry: Valheim) in the given location and add it to the list of favorites. To connect to a server, right-click it on our favorite server list and select the connect option.

I would like to remind you that due to the limited hard cap regarding the maximum number of simultaneous connections, access to the server is associated with the need to enter a password – which I make available to interested persons on priv (Discord). People with the Supporter status of our project can count on priority access to the game world.

In addition, due to the young age of our world and the fact that each player is just starting – we adopted one basic rule. We do not destroy objects built by other players, even those not secured. Let’s help each other and together, in cooperation, let’s explore the secrets of Valheim 🙂

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