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Changing the required version of the game and a package of additional modifications

Today, Sosaria has received a package of updates implementing support for the latest version of the Ultima Online client. Thus, the UO version required for proper play on our shard has become the latest version of the game marked with the number:

  • UO Enhanced 3D – (or later higher)
  • UO Classic 2D – (or later higher).

In the implemented version of the client you will notice some graphic corrections of some creatures and plants, which is the result of the works of the game developers aimed at improving its visualization.

If you have an older version – please immediately update Ultima installed on your computers by using the uopatch.exe file in the game folder.

The number of the currently installed version of the game is displayed on the login panel. If you use an additional overlay for this version of the game – 2D ClassicUO Overlay – remember to modify the game version in the login settings (you must again indicate the game folder in the option to edit ClassicUO login details).

Using an older version of the game will prevent you from connecting to the server (kick the game client).

In addition, the following modifications / additions have been implemented to the server:

  • an update was implemented to eliminate incorrectly displayed “Insured” tag for equipment elements despite the deactivation of the current Item Insurance System. Also, I signals that we are currently working on several variants of a modified insurance / protection mechanism for equipment elements in the UO world, including solutions that may have a positive impact on the economy of the game world. More information on this soon;
  • NPC Brewer and Beer Brewer have been added to the game world, offering tools, equipment and some materials necessary in the brewing process;
  • the NPC Farm Hand has been added to the game world, offering various types of fruits and vegetables for the Advanced Cooking System;
  • the coding of the logging of the gold scale in circulation has been modified – taking into account all current sources in the shard control statistics;
  • updated – to the current version of the server kernel – account control modules for shard crews.

We also updated the description of special rules and additions on our server (as of today). You can find this material at this link.

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