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Update package for Valheim server

On Friday, February 26, we updated the WarCry: Valheim server to version 0.146.11. It brought many awaited fixes and changes – both on the server side and the game itself.

The update reduces the problems with connections to the server, and added support for Vulkan technology. Some community members have reported that using Vulkan can even double the performance of their graphics cards over the course of the game.

Also update package fixed an error that – in some cases – caused a serious armaggedon of the virtual world – making it impossible to load. This problem – in recent days – kept the developers of the game awake at night. However, it was not a bug dangerous for WarCry, because – as in the case of our other servers – we make regular backups of the current states of the game world.

The developers of the game also strengthened all bosses, except for the first two. Thus, Bonemass, Moder or Yagluth gained more health points and use some special attacks more often.

The update also fixes many smaller technical flaws. In addition, with the update, the server will correctly remember the settings of the visibility of the player’s position on the map – in relation to other people – after activating this option. Until now, this option – to work properly – required renewing the settings each time – after restarting the game.

In addition, due to the improvements regarding the login / logout mechanisms, we have modified the “How to play” section for our server.

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