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Preparations for Alpha 3

Preparations for the implementation of the new version of Legends of Aria, marked with the Alpha 3 code, scheduled for publication on September 21, are in progress. This will be the final final version of the alpha of the game before its introduction into the beta phase.

We already know that a milestone with this will be accompanied by a significant expansion of the coding of the game and the introduction of many new functionalities.

Among the many changes should be mentioned, a number of new areas that will become available for exploration, 32 more skills, over 100 kinds of new weapons and armor, and more than 300 new items and components serving in broadly understood crafting. The playing area will also be expanded, which can be used as a place for players’ houses and workshops. It is worth adding here, with the Ultima Online formula, players’ houses will be able to be placed in most of the world without any instances that are so popular in recent mmorpg productions.

Bearing in mind such numerous changes, the planned reconstruction of the cluster connecting our server with the publisher’s network – Citadel Studios and databases used to save the game world, we decided to defer until the release of Alpha 3, more extensive testing of our server. We recognized this solution as the most optimal from the point of view of the course of work on the project, due to the fact that the entry into Alpha 3 will be associated with the necessity of removing some elements of the game states entries on tester accounts.

We ask you, then, for some more patience, encouraging you to see the latest Roundtable with our friend and mentor from Citadel Studios – Supreem 🙂

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