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Update package – LOA server – 14/08/2018

I am very pleased to announce that today our shard has received another, large update package introducing a number of corrections eliminating the group of errors caught after the project has been moved to the Beta 2 phase – also in the scope of handling the latest version of the game client.

Below we publish a list of implemented modifications:

  • errors in the mechanics of production of some axes were removed;
  • a character asking for an escort, she will not do it anymore if she is already covered by another escorting mission, moreover she will now move faster for the escorting figure (also running);
  • the aging (Decay) of the players’ houses was turned on;
  • Factory orders can be made from now on;
  • minor corrections were made within the skill gain (the learning of crafting skills and animal training was accelerated slightly, the abilities to obtain raw materials, combat abilities and the increase of statistics were slowed down);
  • in the NPC Tailor shops, bales of material were added;
  • some of the creatures living in the starting regions of the game world have been increased;
  • the chances of acquiring level 1 level books were increased in loot;
  • the prices of arrows to bows have been modified;
  • removed an error in the Animal Tamings mechanics, from now on the player will no longer encounter messages about the inability to tame a given animal, if such a tame should be – with the level of ability available – possible;
  • removed an error resulting in the loss of karma by the Players as a result of an attack on their own creatures, thus eliminating the erroneously used Guard Whack methodology;
  • the binding stones have been modified and the portals leading to them will now function in one direction;
  • the number of empty scrolls offered in NPC stores has been corrected;
  • the graphical effects of displaying the blood on the hit were reduced slightly;
  • Corrected the methodology of NPC merchants’ reactions, who will no longer block interaction with Players, if the player will manipulate one of the items offered by the buyer and located further away from the buyer;
  • production orders will now be valued in relation to the volume of items to be ordered (orders for smaller quantities of the product will be outsourced more often than large orders);
  • in the event that the enemy creature loses its purpose, it will now attack another character in its vicinity, if it is possible;
  • Players will not be able to enjoy the benefits of bonfires while sitting in a row;
  • players’ characters will receive from now on a message confirming the achievement of the full level of health;
  • the chefs will allow the players to learn cooking skills;
  • NPC farmers will react correctly in the event of an attack by the attacker;
  • creature camps will no longer appear in the immediate vicinity of the Player;
  • Characters moving in a row will not be able to extract raw materials in an unlimited range;
  • npc Tinker will not allow players to learn Fabrication’s abilities;
  • in Helm, a character teaching the ability of Metalsmith was added;
  • door textures have been corrected for parts of the players’ houses;\
  • the amount of gold that can be obtained on creatures inhabiting the channels – has been slightly lowered;
  • house blueprints will now be restocked correctly, moreover, they will become semi-transparent – if for a while the players in the store are bought out;
  • an error has been removed that results in improper deprivation of the Player character – in some cases – the possibility of receiving production orders;
  • for prescriptions that could be produced, more items were added – a lockbox and a purse. From now on, they can be made by a carpenter and a manufacturer;
  • the weight of production orders will now be scaled, taking into account the raw material used to make them;
  • the speed of teaching abilities at the level above 80 points has been slightly reduced;
  • ways of calculating feed modifiers in the event of an attack on another player’s animal have been corrected;
  • increased weight of a number of weapon components;
  • an error was removed leading to the removal of players carrying out exploration missions from SOS bottles and treasure maps to inappropriate areas of disguise awards;
  • treasure maps will appear from now in the right locations;
  • removed an error resulting in the lack of updating the player’s title window, after changing this title;
  • incorrectly working mechanism of writing the status of the character was corrected, which in consequence enabled the acquisition – under certain circumstances – of complete insensitivity to injuries;
  • the ability to train the combat skills of the characters with training dummies was once again turned on, the methodology of calculating the chance of increasing the combat abilities acquired in the case of mannequins was adjusted, further training with them will no longer be possible after exceeding 30 points of a given ability;
  • the Focus parameter has been converted from the weapon’s ability to the skill layer;
  • the possibility to change the name of the books was activated;
  • the brown books will now use correct graphics of the books instead of the wrong graphics of scrolls;
  • an error in the mechanics of the server responsible for removing corpses killed comrades, creatures and some was corrected

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