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A handful of information about novelties next days :) /update/


winter months are slowly becoming forgotten, and March is just beginning. The first day of March is also an important date in the history of the MoonGate because today in the first few cities of Felucca, the first mayors of the city elections have begun. Who has not yet decided to take part in the elections, may not wait any longer, possibly think about which candidacy to locate support. More about the election system under the link: UO Guide City Loyality and UO Wiki City Loyality.

The deadline for voting and submission of applications is March 8th 🙂

Since yesterday, within the New Magincia market, there is an auction house run by our Game Masters. It will be possible – through participation in auctions, acquiring various kinds of interesting, often unique items for the gold you collect in the game. We encourage you to visit this place frequently – because it is worth 🙂

Also in Magincia, in a week will be the first draws of places for houses, within the market, among players who have purchased tickets in the lottery on individual slots of houses (stones marked Lot number). You have the last chance to invest your gold in as many tickets as possible – each one increases your chances for a house.

The next weekend is the time when the next event will take place as part of a series of events called Champion Rebellion. This time the enemy strike will focus on the city of Luna. It will also be the last event preceding the cutting off of the Malas continent from the rest of the game world. Dungeons that previously operated within Malas, as well as the unique NPC offering quests, have already been mostly transferred to Felucca.

We are also planning another add-ons and updates package tomorrow. As part of it, a pack of automated 4 large events will be implemented to the server, which we will gradually activate. These events include the remodeled Treasures of Kotl City event and new events: Treasures of DoomTreasures of Khaldun and Treasures of Sorcerer’s Dungeon. In the links provided above you will find more information in their subject.

In addition, the server will receive an update that allows you to inspire items with a unique cadellite mineral – obtained from meteorites 🙂 More about him at this link.

In connection with the announcements, on the saturday morning our server received an update package including the following modifications:

– coding has been implemented to allow inspiration of objects with a unique cadellite mineral – obtained from meteorites 🙂 More: here
– automated events are implemented on the server (which we will successively activate) – – Treasures of Doom, Treasures of Khaldun, Treasures of Sorceror’s Dungeon Event – more information at the address :
Treasures of Doom
Treasures of Khaldun
Treasures of Sorceror’s Dungeon
– re-coding the automated Treasures of Kotl City event;
– Event Treasures of Kotl City has been activated for a period of 60 days in connection with the remodeling and completed coding tests. Details under the link
Treasures of Kotl City
– the boat launch option gump has been graphically updated to the current version of the UO;
– the critical error in the VvV system has been removed, which may result – in certain circumstances – in the instability of the game server;
– coding the game server was completed with missing items – Gadgetry Table, Repair Bench, Tinker Bench, Water Wheel and new statuettes – Krampus, KhalAnkur and Krampus Minion;
– the stone door (masonry) produced will no longer be created in the form of a document (deed);
– the coding responsible for displaying the Recipe Book gump and mechanics in this area was corrected, the possibility of having two open Recpie Books simultaneously removed;
– the lamps that should not be present have been removed from the list of loot possible to be obtained as part of finding treasure maps;
– added support for furniture addons to be dyable via furniture dye tub;
– fixed Coffee Craft;
– Stygian Dragon special abilities should be more in line with EA;
– fixed issue with Bod Times after bod collection;
– fixed issue where lightning effect wasn’t visible when player was not facing the target;
– attune Weapon now updates buff bar when damage is absorbed;
– Enemy of One no longer shows pets orange, per EA;
– updated Swarm effects and duration;
– players can no longer customize/demolish or set houses to private that have active auctions going on;
– added error checking to Mana Regen Rates;
– fixed bug where improper points were showing for pet training;
– Auction Safe coding has been corrected to remove revealed errors;
– revealed errors in the New Magincia information windows;
– functional improvements to the repair bench mechanics were implemented;
– corrections of the Vendor Search maps module, removing the errors revealed in this area;
– added a new, possible to tame and train NPC – triton, link  – here.

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