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The results of the mayoral elections and an urgent fix

Friends, I have the honor to inform you that from March 15 – the decision of the players – the honorable function of the mayor of the city of Britain has taken over Aramita. I wholeheartedly congratulate you.

In other cities (Jhelom, New Nagincia, Minoc, Moonglow, Skara Brae, Trinsic, Vesper, Yew) due to the lack of candidates’ applications (applications and votes are carried out on city stones) – no mayors were elected in the completed elections.

The next electoral process will start on June 1. Then, for a period of 7 days it will be possible to submit candidates for mayors in individual cities, followed by a week of voting. I encourage you now to gather support for a possible future candidacy and to start in the next election.

In addition, I inform you that tomorrow, in the morning, the server will receive a package of urgent amendments, eliminating errors revealed in recent days. The list of patches will be published in this news after implementation.Fixes:
– an error has been removed resulting in blocking the display of PvP Arenas stone management and an error causing potential instability of the game server after certain conditions occur – now the system is currently functioning as described in the link below – PvP Arenas
In addition, gates leading to one pvp arena were located on the bank’s roof in Britain. You will also find PvP Arena in the southern part of Occlo (Felucca) and in Haven (the region for new players)
– AbyssalInfernal fix;
– Phoenix fix;
– Predator Hell Cat fix;
– fixed issue with Mailbox, where it couldn’t move if inside a house;
– fixes a major issue with rune books code;
– if there is no place left in the backpack, craft cannot; 
– InteriorDecorator gethue function added;
– conflag potions now do effects in houses;
– fixed message for Cuffs of the Archmage failed craft;
– fixed Virtuabane crash;
– inferno now drops 25% total fire resist;
– fixed issue where special imbuable items couldnt be imbued;
– fixes an issue where players could accidently use an axe to destroy Commodity Deed Boxes, the new China Cabinet, and Pie Safe. None of these should be able to be destroyed like that;
– hitching posts now use proper max follower function in animal trainer;
– dismissed merchants inventory (pets, not commodities) will now be stabled in the owners stables. In the event the players stables are full, they will have to be claimed by the warehouse superintendent and are subject to deletion after 7 days if their stables are once again full.

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