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Donation Rewards changes and fix packet

I would like to kindly inform you that today at 20:30 there will be a temporary interruption in the functioning of the game server in order to implement new exchange rates for the Sovereigns collected by you from the UO Store items. Similarly, the rates for prizes outside of UOStore will change – listed in the donation section . In relation to the conditions applied so far, the number of Sovereigns necessary to be spent as part of their exchange for rewards will fall by half.

Additional fixes implemented:

– fixed issue where fire fields were not appearing on the proper surface for Stygian Dragon specials;
– stacking dough now only works when both items are exceptional, or both pieces are not exceptional;
– players no longer lose banked points if the banked points option gump is removed, per EA;
– granite fix;
– fixed the problem of opening the furniture container in the bag;
– fixed issue with EC stairs highlighting;
– when a part of the stairs is wiped off, the entire stairs will be removed;
– add Decorative Mailboxes (UO Store);
– added proper cliloc to SkillBonusGump;
– StygianDragon/Rend now drops proper level paragon chest;
– DockMaster now uses a range check for dry dock and retrieve cargo hold;
– possible fix for peerless altar crash.

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