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Experimental update package implemented

Today, 31.05.2019, our server received an experimental version of the coding of the Celador world marked with the symbol It includes the package of extensions and fixes according to the list below

To test on experimental, make sure you run the “Legends of Aria Launcher Experimental” from the Start Menu. Check the version on the bottom right of the launcher window before hitting the “Launch” button.


– Colossals are summoned using maps that are rare drops from level 4 and 5 sunken and buried treasure and require 85 “treasure hunting” skill to decipher.
– Colossals have unique loot including;
– Executioner scrolls to enhance weapons
– Decorative statues (super rare)
– Minions of colossals will now despawn if the colossal dies, is destroyed, or starts to wander.
– Added precise colossal maps as login rewards for June 8-9th.


– Plants take 24 hours to mature to each growth stage.


– This event no longer rewards Allegiance currency.
– Map markers display the current winning side.
– Events periodically activate at several predetermined points of interest:
–King of the Hill
– – – Spiritwood Lumber
– – – Valus Cemetery
– – – Freman Quarry
– Rewards may be purchased with Allegiance currency in Belhaven, by the Allegiance that controls 2 or more King of the Hill locations.
– Allegiance rewards require certain ranks to use.
– Allegiance members may now benefit from other’s actions as long as they are not currently engaged in conflict with a player. This should make it easier for those players to participate in PvE.
– Added new map icons for Allegiance events.

Audio Improvements

– Fixed night ambient sounds not looping correctly.

Other Bug Fixes & Enhancements

– Fixed an issue with the scroll window overlapping the search button in the Guild Wars Declare War window.
– Empty guilds will no longer show up in the Guild War search list.
– Fixed an issue where the creator of a guild is not made the leader.
– Fixed keybind not working correctly with modifier.
– Fixed a bug where players could not send /tell to GMs.
– Fixed some actions (WASD movement) to work regardless of currently pressed modifier.
– Sorted issue that would cause Auction UI to not update when plot was first foreclosed.
– All shrines in catacombs are now red shrines.
– Slows/stuns now properly affect NPC movement speeds.
– Auto pick location of resurrect shrines, when corpse releasing, adjusted slightly to prevent some stuck situations.
– Colossals will now despawn their adds when they die or re-enter their wander state.
– Damage hit flash indicators cannot happen more than once per 2.5 seconds.
– Added /togglehitflash command to disable combat damage hit flash completely.
– Fixed an issue with players appearing and disappearing while mounted.
– Awakening drakes are now sandy/gold to aid with visibility of tamed wyverns.
– Fixed an issue where a new owner of the plot could not inspect and dress pre-existing vendor after the ownership has been transferred.
– Fixed players not memorizing map for starting sub-region with disabled New Player Experience.
– Players can only drop items onto pack horses they own or are owned by a group member.
– Teleporting to a different region should now close your bank box before teleporting you.
– Fixed issue with waterskins not working on hotbar and remove the ability to “Drink” from a waterskin.
– Added X to incorrect client version dialog, fixed downloads button.
– Buttons on a character creation window does not make sound when “turn off sound” button is on.
– Changed Thread of Weightlessness to Elixir of Holding.
– Fixed 25 chest spawn locations that were unreachable in dungeons and towns.

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