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Update package – 10.07.2019

We are pleased to announce that this Wednesday (10.07.2019) – between 10:00 and 10:30 – there will be a technical shutdown in the functioning of UO MoonGate shard in order to implement the package of amendments to server scripting.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

The full list of patches and additions will be published after the implementation of the update, and now I will reveal that among them you will find, among others, addon Rising Tide, new artifacts in Doom, a number of patches in the Pet System, PvP modifications in Discordance, updates to the Imbuing system, extension of CleanUp supply, fix error for blocking stats timers, fixeed Shadowguards mechanic , and more.

Wait patiently 🙂

Today patchnotes:

– latest OSI Rising Tide Addon was implemented;
– added new Doom Artifact spawn locations plus missing bamboo chair;
– deadhorn is no longer bard immune;
– item fix – removes self repair from brittle/antique/no repair items;
– fixed issue where bods weren’t caching correctly
– removed additional yarn from crafting fuse cord;
– Pets should still stat gain from combat even with PetTraining;
– PVP discord now follows harmful restrictions;
– auction owners can no longer set start/buyout prices after auction starts;
– added property pet training abilities to Triton;
– special scrolls books are now accessible to those who locked it down;
– caddelite harvest resources should now stack properly;
– Ossein Ram now has the proper trainable pet abilities;
– Pet Statues now check taming location;
– fixed overhead titles;
– imbuing fix: item total imbuing weight is now EA accurate. Max weight is calculated using the default value, or the old Runic/Imbuing max. Loot Max Weight is calculated by that item type’s max weight of that property.
– explosion potions no longer use throwers LOS for Damage;
– failed craft no longer consumes ML Peerless resources;
– Vendor Searing now recursively checks child containers in vendors backpack;
– Vendor Searching now shows price of parent container if the entire container is for sale;
– Candlewood Torch now removed swarm;
– Coffee Grinder now works properly;
– Tiered Quests [] now work per EA;
– Updated Museum Reward bags and Percolem Reward backpacks per EA;
– Added Ter Mur Quests Reward Books;
– fixed issue where leather wasn’t being moved to players backpack when skinned with Harvester’s Blade;
– fixed issue where auction claim period would reset after a server restart
– pet training gains should now be more in line with EA;
– Cleanup Britannia now accepts armor/weapons/shields/jewels. Points given per item resource is in line with EA. Points given for item power (loot) is as close as we’re going to get;
– Mondains Quests no longer serialize/deserialize through PlayerMobile. The system now utilizes its own Persistence for this
– added a feature to archive additional, mirrored copy of game world backups;
– fixed issue where stat timers would not start on login;
– server restarts/disconnects not longer kick players out of shadowguard encounter unless the encounter has expired;
– players kicked from shadow guard regions now go to the Shadowguard Lobby;
– added Dragon Breath special ability to Dread Warhorse ability definition;
– armourer title was fixed/gives bods;
– Plague Beast Lord now uses poison spit ability
– consolidated dragon breath/area poison data in the respective SpecialAbility/AreaEffect Class;
– added functionality for derived tools;
– area poison now depends on creatures poison skill;
– creature max speed is now dependent on creatures dex, actual speed is now determined by stam / max stam;
– Talisman Summons/ Familiars should be more in line with EA;
– fixed issue that could cause Slasher ofVveils to set map to null;
– fixed Triton stats/skills;
– added DamageEater to reforging property possibility;
– fixes issue where DI can be imbued over cap on jewels.

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