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Our server available again for a players and Steam users.

Our LOA community server with the official game ruleset is available again for Players and Steam users. Latest  version of the game (0.9+) required. We invite you today.

We also publishing patchnotes for recent changes :

Bards – Musicianship, Barding, Entertainment

  • Musicianship and Entertainment skills added to the game.
  • Drum, Lute, and Flute added to crafting table under “Tools”.
  • Lute does not require a recipe, but Flute and Drum recipes are acquired via crafting orders.
  • Once equipped an instrument has two abilities “Play” and “Solo”;

Play – other players to listen to the bard and their band members, listeners will cause the bard to gain skill in Musicianship and Entertainment.
Solo – the bard attempts to add a flurry to their song and has a chance to increase the vitality gain of nearby players.
Both “Play” and “Solo” when used near an inn hearth will regenerate the vitality of “listening” players.

  • Players can listen to a bard via the “Listen To Music” option on the bard context menu (ie. right click).
  • Listeners can tip a bard through the “Give Tip” context menu on a bard they are listening to.
  • Songbooks added; these contain all the songs and riddles that a bard can to buff party members and harm hostiles.

Song of Thew – Regenerates the health of nearby allies.
Song of Water – Regenerates the mana of nearby allies.
Song of Earth – Regenerates the stamina of nearby allies.
Riddle of Indulgence – Reduces target’s resistance to spells for 10 seconds.
Riddle of Stupidity – Reduces target’s resistance to abilities for 10 seconds.
Riddle of Virility – Reduces healing effects on target for 10 seconds.
Riddle of Force – Nearby creatures more physical damage for 10 seconds.
Riddle of Havoc – Nearby creatures take more magic damage for 10 seconds.
Riddle of Docility – Small chance to render nearby creatures incapacitated for 10 seconds. Lasts 10 seconds.

  • Bard songs/riddles cost mana to use and increase in potency based on the bards Entertainment skill.
  • Bard songs require an instrument to be used, and will auto-equip one from the player’s inventory if found. The player will also be removed from combat.
  • Bard riddles can be used without an instrument.
  • Using a riddle or song will decrease the bard’s movement speed by a significant amount while the song/riddle is being cast or channelled.
  • Equipping a weapon while playing a song will stop the song from being played.
  • Songbooks are sold by NPC scribes.


  • Professions offer a path of progression for players relating to their chosen skills and playstyles.
  • Professions feature up to 4 steps or tiers, and each profession tier requires a certain amount of skill to begin.

Apprentice – 30 skill
Journeyman – 50 skill
Master – 80 skill
Grandmaster – 100 skill

  • Each profession step consists of a task or series of tasks, and a reward.
  • A character can freely pursue any profession at any time as long as skill requirements are met.
  • Tasks and rewards are limited to one time per character.
  • Professions can be started via the professions window or from NPCs by speaking to them.
  • NPCs will shout at you to alert you that they can assist you with your progress.
  • New profession window added to track and organize player professions.
  • Professions added with all tiers available:

Grandmaster Quests will WIP

  • Professions added with tiers up to apprentice available:


  • Prestige ability unlocks added as profession rewards.
  • Added toggleable map markers for tasks

Prestige Ability Changes

  • Prestige abilities are now unlocked through profession progress.
  • Prestige abilities are now categorized by profession and by tier (Journeyman, Master and Grandmaster). A player may only know one ability from each tier concurrently.
  • Profession steps which grant access to prestige abilities also require a new type of tradeable book to complete the step and unlock the category of abilities.
  • Charge has been fixed.
  • These new books are obtained in the world similarly to the old ability-specific prestige books.
  • Once a profession tier of abilities is unlocked, the player can freely switch abilities from that profession and tier, with the only cost being prestige training points.
  • Existing ability books will be converted into corresponding usable items.
  • Armor requirements removed from prestige abilities.
  • Vanguard no longer requires a shield.
  • Hamstring now lasts 8 seconds instead of 12.
  • Archers can now use hamstring from range.
  • Abilities Stunshot, Wound and Hunter’s Mark have been removed.
  • Dart now lasts 8 seconds instead of 5.


  • Allegiance Leaders are now marked on the map for all Allegiance players when no Allegiance events are active. Location is updated once per minute.
  • Slaying enemy Allegiance fighters now rewards salt equivalent to the victim’s ranking, affected by diminishing returns.
  • Diminishing returns duration for slaying an enemy Allegiance fighter raised from 8 hours to 7 days.
  • Added informational text for the victim and aggressor to indicate gain and loss of rank on kill/death.
  • Salt costs for Flask of Mending and Elixir of Holding Allegiance rewards reduced by half.
  • Fixed an issue causing event scoreboards to appear lower than intended when scaling down the UI.
  • Allegiances are no longer karma restricted.
  • Outcasts can now join Allegiances.

Crafting, Weapon & Armor Enhancements

  • Enchanting allows players to imbue armor, weapons, and shields with additional properties to better facilitate their play styles.
  • Enchanting table added to all major towns (Pyro’s Landing, Black Forest Outpost, Oasis, Eldeir, Helm, and Valus)
  • Enchanting essences have been added and are awarded from crafting orders.
  • Some essences can only be applied to specific items (ie. armor, weapons, sheilds).
  • Essences will apply unique prefixes and suffixes to items.
  • Enchanting items and essence can be placed in the enchanting table to combine them.

A cost in gold is associated with the combining of each enchant.
The order the essences are placed in the enchant table will determine the prefix and suffix of the enchanted item.

  • Added 2 new house blueprints (Mage Grand Tower and Tudor House Estate) for carpentry CO rewards.
  • You can no longer GM crafting skills refining basic materials.
  • Difficulties adjusted on all resource refining.
  • Damage and accuracy stats autofixed on existing items to reflect enchanting changes.
  • All items show their durability.
  • Base item durability has been reduced.
  • Crafting durability bonus reduced from 50 to 25.
  • Fixed bug where crafting order reward was not being created.
  • Higher tier crafting orders will always result in an item reward.
  • Crafting orders now offer greater gold rewards.
  • Added hard limits to attack speed, weapon damage bonus, swing speed increase, cast proc chance, mana reduction amount, accuracy from items, and evasion from items.

Ruleset Changes

  • Guarded zones expanded to encompass all regions in the game with the exception of the Barren Lands and Dungeon Deception.
  • Removed Karma Protection window.
  • Removed Chaotic karma level and Order flagging.
  • Added “Allow Negative Actions” toggle which only appears when you enter a Wilderness.
  • Removed Red teleportation restrictions.
  • Protection Level under HUD no longer shows Town or Guarded, only appears when in wilderness zone.
  • Players can only obtain karma above 5000 by killing other players that have negative karma.
  • Players with negative karma can freely travel in non-wilderness zones (players with negative karma can no longer be attacked in non-wilderness zones, and will no longer be killed by guards in these zones).
  • Removed reprieve from Belhaven allegiance merchant.
  • Wilderness zones have a higher availability of rare ore.
  • Wilderness monsters drop 150% gold compared to their protected counterparts.
  • Mobs and loot that were previously only available in the wilderness areas have been redistributed across Celador.

Added Gazers to the dungeon Corruption.
Added Wyverns and Drakes to sword isle mine.
The Deception skull was replaced by the Corruption skull, and now drops in the dungeon Corruption instead of Deception.
Treasure maps drop in all of Celador.
Gold and resource drops increased in Corruption.

  • Players and their pets are cloaked/invulnerable for 30 seconds after logging in or changing regions
  • Catacombs updated to reflect the new ruleset changes

The portal to catacombs now activates when someone comes in range of the portal carrying all 3 skulls. Each person entering the portal must have the required skulls and they are consumed on use.
The Catacombs is now persistent meaning it does not reset after players kill Death.
Skulls now have a chance to drop on regular mobs in their respective dungeons’ champion rooms.
Champion mobs in the dungeons now drop a skull every time they are killed.

Merchant Ledgers

  • Player owned merchants have two ledgers, “For Sell” and “Sold Items”, they can show players.

“For Sale” ledger shows all the items the merchant sells and their price.Mousing over an item will show that item’s tooltip.
Clicking an item will show the purchase window for that item.
Non-owners can access this ledger but interacting with the merchant (ie. double click).“Sold Items”Showed the last 50 items sold including their; name, price, buyer, and sale date.
Owner can access this through the “Show me your ledger” option on their merchant dialog.

  • Plots now limit the number of items that can be sold;

Plots 12×12 to 20×19 can sell 100 items.
Plots 20×20 to 30×29 can sell 200 items.
Plots 30×30 and above can sell 300 items.
Trying to sell more items than a plot will allow will cause the player to receive a message informing them they are all their sale capacity.
The total number of sold items can be accessed through the “Decoration” tab of the plot management window.

Cultist Ruins Awakening

  • A new awakening has appeared in the Barren Lands!
  • Fight a series of minibosses like the Cultist Snake Charmer to spawn and defeat the Cultist King.
  • Cultist King drops Grandmaster ability books (quest item) and unique gear.

Mount Changes

  • New Mounts: Great Bear, Llama
  • Fabricators can now craft leather saddles.
  • Saddles can be applied to horses, llamas and great bears which turns them into a mount statue.
  • Llamas and Great Bears require a saddle to mount.
  • Stable masters sell saddled horse statues instead of basic horses.
  • Etherealize spell has been replaced with a Summon Mount spell which uses Magical Essence as the reagent.
  • Alchemists can craft summon mount potions the have the same effect as the spell.

Staves and Magical Attunement

  • Players can now gain the skill Magical Attunement by equipping an attuned staff or wand and casting spells.
  • Attuned staves and wands grant an amount of spell power based on a combination of the item’s quality and your Magical Attunement skill.
  • Attuned staves and wands drop throughout the world, and cannot currently be crafted or enchanted.
  • Staves and wands grant evasion when worn based on your magic skills, just as spellbooks do.

Currency Change

  • Currency denominations have been revised to gold (lowest) and platinum (10,000 gold).
  • Previous currency conversion rate:

1 old copper = 1 gold
1 old silver = 100 gold
1 old gold = 10,000 gold or 1 platinum
1 old platinum = 1,000,000 gold or 100 platinum

  • Existing player coins and items for sale have been automatically converted to use the new denominations.

Archery Adjustments

  • The archery skill has been reworked. All bows now have to have two abilities “Fire Arrow” and “Auto Fire Arrow”.

Fire Arrow – will instantly shoot an arrow at the target and cause the player to notch another arrow.
Auto Fire Arrow – will continuously use “Fire Arrow” until the target is dead or cancelled.

  • While notching an arrow archers will move significantly slower and can not cast spells.

Details Coming Soon for Steam

  • Catacombs loot overhaul
  • Artifacts
  • New season of furniture rares
  • Dye tubs

Fixes & Enhancements
Quality of Life

  • Low spell circle difficulties made easier.
  • Vitality may be lost when engaging in skill bearing activities (practically everything).
  • Torch no longer shown as equipped when using certain tools, instruments.
  • Wiki opens when user chooses help from settings menu.
  • Added chat font size options (defaults to medium).
  • Added message for gaining/losing vitality.
  • Added reagent vendor to Helm.
  • Crafting orders offer a more appropriate message when handed in incomplete.
  • Refining raw materials provides skills gains to 80 skills.
  • Added Pedesii NPC outside of Valus inn, this NPC will teleport players to the PRZM Lounge.
  • Only crowdfunding backers at the 75$ and up level (this does not include Founder’s Packs) are allowed to enter the PRZM Lounge.
  • Changed kite shield to a better looking shield .
  • Craft order option appears on the greeting screen as well now.
  • All items given to new characters upon character creation are now worthless to NPC merchants.
  • Fisher merchants train treasure hunting.
  • Frequency of rain reduced by 33%.
  • Players can no longer leave a group if they are in conflict with another member.
  • Cooking pots can be opened, but not used, when not in your backpack.
  • Dug up treasure chests last for 30 minutes instead of 3 minutes.
  • Updated item icon images on event board.
  • Added resource cost to prestige system.
  • Awakenings show progress like a mission/quest.
  • Moved torch to its own slot so you can equip a shield and a torch.
  • Added Daze/Dismount mechanic on damage.
  • Replaced Dismount with Stun on quarterstaff.
  • Armor, accuracy, and attack adjusted to be skill based instead of material based when crafting armor and weapons.
  • Bandage range increased from 3.25 to 5.

Bug Fixes

  • Removed dismount from weapons and replaced with various other weapon abilities.
  • Guard names are now set correctly.
  • Updated Achievements.
  • Crafting Orders overhauled and bugfixed.
  • Corrected spear stab animation
  • Players must be in range of the stable master to unstable their pets.
  • Rain splashes are no longer huge.
  • Using Charge with WASD no longer can cause you to get stuck
  • Food buffs persist through region changes.
  • Stamina and health regen should stop after eating food has ended.
  • Fixed not being able to gain magic at 0 skill.
  • Item previews in crafting windows are hued properly.
  • Cooking pot transfer their contents to players backpack when they break.
  • Fixed issue with selecting objects inside stone tuscan house.
  • Fixed weapon attack speed bug.
  • Trial members can no longer kick any guild member.
  • The stamina and health regen gained from eating will properly fade once you stop eating.
  • Fixed guild members be able to promote other members to any rank.
  • Dire/rabid wolves spawn added to wolves den.
  • Fixed collision on wood house cottage.
  • Undead Lair set to correct difficulty (players will now gain appropriately).
  • Hunter spiders take up the correct 2 slots.
  • Scorpion pet slots increased to 4.
  • Fixed a bug causing new groups to become bugged when inviting multiple players at once.
  • Fixed bug where players would float across the screen when coming into range
  • Fixed guild health bars not showing current health.
  • Fixed placement surfaces on some tables which prevented objects from being placed on top.
  • Fixed executioner scroll icon art.
  • Updated Founders Cloak to be unique art


  • Added new impact sounds for all weapons for none armor, added new sounds for staffs, fixed hammer prefabs, general mixing improvements.
  • Fixed axes not playing sound, mixing improvements for magic sounds.
  • Added mixing improvements for combat abilities, added missing death and attack sounds to most monsters.
  • Added sizzle sound when an item is successfully cooked.
  • Updated sounds for daggers and hammers.
  • Updated sounds for axes.
  • Improved Helm ambiences (seagulls are now only audible at the shore, added sounds for helm market place), fixed helm mine ambiences zones, added new audio zones for caves in eastern frontier.
  • Fixed all area and indoor snapshots, ambiences should now transition smoothly between outdoor areas, indoor places and caves, mixing improvements for ambiences.
  • Reworked magic air sounds.
  • Improved audio performance and voice stealing for many players and horses, minor mixing improvements for objects.
  • Fixed some issues with helm ambiences and music.
  • Fixed an issue that affected some SFX stronger than others.
  • Reworked all magic fire sounds.
  • Fixed some night ambiences, optimized ambiences for helm.
  • Added ambience for helm mines, fixed snapshots so outdoor ambiences will now fade out when entering a cave, mines or dungeons.
  • Fixed main menu ambience not looping correctly, added events for fireplaces.
  • Added busy street noises to pyros bay, reworked ship creaking sounds.
  • Created new ambiences for Eldier village.
  • Fixed major ambience bug where only one ambience would play at a time.
  • Optimized gate sound.
  • Fixed torch and torch pillar sound not looping.
  • Fixed portal sound mix and spatialization.
  • Added virtualize stealing option to some environment sounds to improve stealing behaviour when there are many sound sources around.
  • Stun punch and Concus makes sound when used.
  • Added distinct portal sound to more portal objects.
  • Portals make a distinct sound.
  • Fixed an issue where wrong footstep sound played when a mobile object is walking on an object.
  • Fixed Sand and Dirt footstep sound not playing correctly.
  • Footstep play correct sound based on the surface type.

Early Access Hotfix – August 7th, 2019

  • Fixed issue with important NPCs (Gatekeepers) getting killed.
  • Concus now properly reduces the targets mana by 50%.
  • Stone is now available to be mined.
  • Fixed players with under -10k karma from not being able to attack blues in wilderness.
  • Fixed Fighter/Mage Tier 4 profession quest requirement issues.
  • Miscellaneous quest fixes and improvements.
  • Vitality gained from hearth changed from 2 to 1.
  • Fixed charge cooldown.
  • Archery now counts as a weapon skill for the Fighter profession.
  • All NPCs in founders lounge should now be set to invulnerable.

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