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Experimental 0.9.2 client version (NDA) available now

Experimental version of game (0.9.2) is available now. This release is under NDA and is not meant for public use or discussion with anyone not under the NDA agreement. This is especially important given this build contains many new features and changes, which are still being communicated publically.

Persons who have approved the NDA statements may download the experimental version of the game client via the Windows search panel (type “experimenal” and click on the LOA Experimental icon to download the 0.9.2 version of the game). Until the NDA clause is removed, our server will be available only to players in this group.

Experimental Updates

Martial Abilities
– New Martial Abilities added. These are PvE oriented abilities which use the Martial Prowess Skill and a new resource system called Bloodlust.
– – – Taunt
– – – Defiance
– – – Bloodlust
– – – Vengeance
– – – Enrage
– – – Shield Wall
– – – Demoralize
– – – Execute
– – – Nemesis
– Martial Abilities can be used by obtaining a Martial Abilities book, similarly to bard songs and riddles.
– Bloodlust is a new resource that is obtained by dealing and receiving damage.

Macros have been added and can be accessed through the chat command /macro.
– Macros can be dragged to the hotbar.
– Macros can have up to 21 steps.
– Abilities, spells, craft icons, and custom commands can all be added to the macro interface by dragging and dropping them.
– Macros can special conditions that can be added between steps they include;
– – – Target Current
– – – Target Self
– – – Sleep (pause) 1 second
– – – Sleep 3 seconds
– – – Sleep 5 seconds
– – – Sleep 10 seconds
– – – Sleep 60 seconds
– – – Use Primary Ability
– – – Use Secondary Ability
– – – Repeat 1 time
– – – Repeat 5 times
– – – Repeat 10 times
– – – Repeat Endlessly
– Players are encouraged to provide feedback on the macro system and give suggestions for improving the player experience.

Crafting Orders
– Rewards should feel more appropriate to the difficulty and material investment of the order being filled.
– Crafting orders and rewards adjusted based on in-game economy.
– Distribution of crafting orders should be more consistent and evenly balanced for skill level, recipe, and material types.
– Loot tables for CO rewards have been completely rebalanced. Essences rewarded have been significantly increased.

– Runebooks are blessed items that hold runes and allow players to teleport (using charges) or open portals (via portal spell) directly from the book.
– Runebooks can be used from the ground and can be set to Public / Friends / Co-owners if locked down in a house.
– Runebook is charged via the “Charge Runebook” manifestation spell and can hold up to 10 recall charges.
– Added “Runebook” to inscription skill (no recipe required), Minimum skill to craft is 30.
– Added “Charge Runebook” spell to inscription and high end scroll drops. (Difficulty 5 Manifestation spell)

Bug Fixes
– Fixed issue with corpses not resurrecting properly in wilderness.
– Fixed hireling merchants disappearing from plots.
– Manifestation spells no longer cause magically attuned weapons to loss durability.
– Fixed a bug allowing players to mark runes and use portals to Barren Lands. Old runes already marked for Barren Lands will no longer work.
– Fixed bug in mining pick causing people to get double resources all the time.
– Non-allegiance bards can no longer play beneficial songs on party members that are in an allegiance and in combat with an opposing faction member.

Enhancements & Adjustments
– Dye Tubs can now be used from the ground.
– Dye Tubs can now have security settings if locked down in a house (public, friends, co-owner).
– Bard and Martial abilities now list resource requirements where applicable.
– Taming now requires line of sight.
– Updated starting colors for new character clothing.
– Improved all Bard VFX.
– Doubled wood count in ash and blightwood trees.
– Added skill bonus for chance to get double resources (min 0% max 50%) – previously it was flat 25%.
– Reduced price of land deed.
– Meteor damage is now divided evenly among AoE targets instead of dealing maximum damage to all targets.

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