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Point Release 9 Feature Spotlight: Ranked Arenas


Citadel Studios and we’ve been hard at work on features for Point Release 9 and one of those features is the inclusion of ranked arena matches!  Ranked arena matches will allow players to pit their skills against other players for bragging rights and, once the ranked season ends, unique titles and cosmetics.

The Arena will be added in Point Release 9, but players will have the opportunity to hone their skills, refine their templates, and prepare for the first competitive season when it launches in the coming weeks.

The arena grounds are located in Pyro’s Landing and have been revamped to give players the ability to utilize line of sight tactics when engaging opponents. Vladimir the “Arena Master” allows players to organize and queue for arena matches.

Arena matches come in three categories 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 — all of which have their own ranking so that players can compete in each bracket.  Each player will start at rank 1000 in each respective bracket and gain/loss points based on the rank of their opponents and the outcome of each match.

*UI not finalized

Let’s get into what a typical arena match will look like, but first there are some restrictions on arena participation.

Arena Restrictions:

  • Each match lasts 10 minutes.
    • If the match goes over the time limit the team with the most kills wins.
    • If both teams have equal kills the match is a draw and no rank is rewarded.
  • Each combatant can only use 5 potions per match (ie. heal, cure, mend, ect…)
  • Players that have active pets (ie. not stabled) will not be able to compete in the arena.
  • Players can not be resurrected by teammates when they die and will instead be resurrected and teleported to the Arena Master Vladimir.

Arena Process:

  1. Match organizer talks with Arena Master Vladimir to setup a match.
  2. Organizer adds teammates/opponents to the match using the setup interface.
  3. Once all team slots are filled the organizer has the option to “Start” the match.
    1. If an existing match is on-going the match will be queued and will start when it is your turn.
    2. Queued matches will let the match participants know what number they are in the queue.
  4. Once the match starts all participants will be given a “Ready” check where they will be required to indicate that they are ready for the match to start.
    1. If a participant fails to “ready” up at this point the match will be cancelled.
  5. If all participants “Ready Up” the match will start and each team will be teleported to the respective starting positions.
  6. FIGHT!
  7. Once the match is complete all surviving players will be teleported out of the arena space and notified of rank change.

We are looking forward to our players being able utilize the new ranked arena system and are eager to get the first Arena Season underway!

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