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A nice surprise for UO users in the Classic 2D version

as a small surprise, we reveal that in recent weeks we have worked intensively on, among others, analyzing the compatibility of our server with the ability to support an additional package including the Razor assistant ver. and an additional overlay enriching the Classic UO game version .

You can download the new overlay luncher at
choosing the right version for you (depending on your operating system).

After downloading and unpacking the zip with overlay, you should run the ClassicUOLauncher.exe file from the unpacked package, after which the following window will open

First, we recommend checking the “auto apply updates” option, which will result in the automatic implementation of any overlay patches.

Next, use the first option on the left – “Profiles / Edit Profiles”, which will allow you to create a new server login profile.

In this part of the overlay:

  • in the “Profile Name” field: enter your chosen profile name;
  • in the “Username” field: the login of your account;
  • in the “Password” field: the password for your account;
  • in the “Server IP” field: IP of our server, ie
  • in the “Port” field: port number 2593 (for Sosaria Server) or 2595 (for Britannia Server).

Then, click on the arrow to the right of the UO Patch field and indicate the location of the Ultima Online main game catalog.

Below you should see the client version of the game.

After entering all the above data, select the “Save profile” option, which will save the login profile under the selected name. You can now return to the main menu – by clicking the “BACK” button.

After returning to the main window in the “Current Profile” drop-down box, you choose the profile you created to log in to. This will display your login details in the fields below. It remains to click the “LAUNCH” button to start the game 🙂

In this version it is possible to increase your view area, game window and resolution of the game even to the full value of your monitors . All you have to do is enter the game option – Video tab and set the manually selected parameters there.

In addition, we would like to inform you that the overlay on which work is still ongoing – is currently in beta, hence some stumbles in its functioning are possible, for which – on behalf of all creators – we apologize.

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